City of Bettendorf, Iowa

A premier city.

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12/22/2014 unknown City of Bettendorf Announces New Directors 961   Details icon
12/22/2014 unknown Press Conference at the Family Museum, Monday, December 22, 2014 801   Details icon
12/05/2014 unknown Christmas and New Year's Holiday Schedule 1030   Details icon
12/02/2014 unknown LOOP Buses Offer Service on New Year's Eve 898   Details icon
11/19/2014 unknown Presentation and Open House: The Future of Bettendorf 884   Details icon
10/29/2014 unknown Change Your Clocks and Smoke Alarm Batteries When Daylight Savings Time Ends 967   Details icon
10/29/2014 unknown Veteran's Day Holiday Schedule 888   Details icon
10/29/2014 unknown Veteran's Day Ceremony 878   Details icon
10/20/2014 unknown Trees Are Us Committee Tree Planting 943   Details icon
10/19/2014 unknown Structure Fire in Bettendorf 926   Details icon
10/15/2014 unknown 2014 Street Repair Patching – Middle Road South of I-80 930   Details icon
10/13/2014 unknown 2014 Full Depth Patching – Hwy 67 (State Street and Grant Street) 980   Details icon
10/13/2014 unknown Central Avenue Paving Day 962   Details icon
10/02/2014 unknown MidAmerican Gas Leak at Middle Road and Crow Creek Road 1010   Details icon
09/29/2014 unknown Part of State Street Closed Due to Gas Leak 953   Details icon
09/22/2014 unknown Life Fitness Center Celebrating 30 Years 1488   Details icon
09/22/2014 unknown Bettendorf Police Assist with Bureau County's Investigation 1136   Details icon
09/12/2014 unknown Mayor Promotes New Efforts for Mississippi River Commerce/Sustainability 1080   Details icon
09/12/2014 unknown Central Avenue Reconstruction 957   Details icon
09/11/2014 unknown Dogtoberfest 983   Details icon
09/04/2014 unknown Names Released from Motorcycle Accident 1436   Details icon
09/01/2014 unknown Motorcycle Accident on Valley Drive 1227   Details icon
08/28/2014 unknown One Vehicle Accident in Bettendorf 1049   Details icon
08/26/2014 unknown Structure Fire in Bettendorf 953   Details icon
08/25/2014 unknown Special Policy Meeting to Review City's Debt 948   Details icon
08/24/2014 unknown Police Respond to Domestic Assault With Weapon 995   Details icon
08/07/2014 unknown Special Election for Vacant Park Board Seat 1164   Details icon
08/07/2014 unknown Central Avenue Reconstruction 1101   Details icon
08/07/2014 unknown 18th Street Open at Noon on August 7 1026   Details icon
07/30/2014 unknown Utica Ridge Road Construction Update 1938   Details icon
07/15/2014 unknown Bettendorf Hosts Community Open House 1058   Details icon
07/14/2014 unknown Bettendorf Library Announces Two-Week Closing 1182   Details icon
07/09/2014 unknown Central Avenue Reconstruction 1140   Details icon
07/03/2014 unknown River Drive Closed at the Intersection of 6th Street in Bettendorf 1143   Details icon
07/02/2014 unknown City Relaxes Yard Waste Collection Rules 1285   Details icon
07/02/2014 unknown Be Aware of Traffic Detours During the Holiday 1111   Details icon
06/20/2014 unknown Police Release Names From the River Drive Accident 1265   Details icon
06/19/2014 unknown Movies in the Park Schedule Revised 1150   Details icon
06/18/2014 unknown Two Vehicle Accident at 13th Street and Grant Street 1135   Details icon
06/17/2014 unknown Bettendorf Police Announce the Passing of K-9 Officer, Old Dan 1167   Details icon
06/16/2014 unknown Two Vehicle Accident on River Drive 1158   Details icon
06/05/2014 unknown Movies in the Park 1165   Details icon
06/04/2014 unknown City Hires Golf Maintenance Manager at Palmer Hills Golf Course 1405   Details icon
05/29/2014 unknown Olympia Drive Reconstruction 1176   Details icon
05/23/2014 unknown Memorial Day Ceremony 1112   Details icon
05/19/2014 unknown 2014 Bike Friendly Honorable Mention List 1167   Details icon
05/15/2014 unknown Lincoln Road Reconstruction 1149   Details icon
05/12/2014 unknown Spcecial City Council Meeting 1090   Details icon
04/30/2014 unknown Public Works Day 1205   Details icon
04/28/2014 unknown Accident Involving Bettendorf School Bus 1294   Details icon
Documents 1-50 of 74