Q: What is the timeline?

A: RDG Planning & Design is now tasked with completing the final design of the water park and ice rink.

After that, the bidding process is expected to start in April 2023 with construction beginning in May 2023.

Construction is expected to take a year or so, with the state-of-the-art water park opening prior to July 4th, 2024.

Once the water park is built, the City will turn its focus onto the ice rink. A final timeline for that project will be determined at a later date.

Q: Will there be an ice rink in 2022?

A: Yes! Frozen Landing is scheduled to open on Friday, November 25th in the same location as previous years.

Q: Will there be a pool in 2023?

A: In order for construction to start, there will be no pool available to the public in 2023. However, the Lincoln Park Splash Pad will be open all season and we can help you find other public pools to visit in the area. 

Q: What happens to the Life Fitness Center?

A: The Life Fitness Center will end all membership programing as of November 1st, 2022. Members will be refunded a prorated amount in accordance with this end date. 

Recreation programs, events, and gym rentals will continue through December 1st, 2022. 

Tennis will operate as usual and be transitioned to the YMCA by the end of the year. 

Q: When does the YMCA plan to open its Recreational Center?

A: The Recreational Center is set to open on January 1, 2023 with the Y’s Gymnastics/Ninja Center, Indoor Basketball, and Indoor Tennis.

Q: What should Life Fitness Center Members expect?

A: No additional memberships will be sold and all members will be refunded a pro-rated amount after November 1st.

Q: What is happening to the recreational programs currently being offered at the Life Fitness Center?

A: All City Recreational Programs are moving to the Bettendorf Community Center, located at 2204 Grant Street. You can register for cooking classes, sports clinics, painting workshops, and more by clicking here with plenty more to come! 


Q: Is it possible to make the water park indoors?

A: An indoor water park is not financially feasible. It would add another $15 million to $20 million to the project. 

Q: How much will admission to the water park cost?

A: If you have a YMCA membership, admission will be free. The YMCA has no contracts on membership. You can stop at any time with 30 days notice. The YMCA also offers scholarship opportunities.

If you do not have a YMCA membership, day passes will be comparable with other facilities of this size:

Youth: $8

Adult: $12

Family: $20

Q: Is a wave pool included in the design?

A: No.

Q: Will there be lap swim?

A: The design calls for four lap lanes. There will also be water fitness programs for various ages.

Q: Will there be swimming lessons?

A: Yes.

Q: Can a 50-meter competition pool be added to the design?

A: No, a 50-meter competition pool cannot be added.  The cost for same substantially increases the footprint and activities contemplated at the waterpark.

Q: Can the Lazy River be longer?

A: Space wise, the lazy river will not be any longer than the proposed 430 feet.

Q: Who will be responsible for large capital repairs to the pool if needed?

A: The City of Bettendorf.

Q: Will the city be indemnified by the Y in regards to any legal liability regarding the operation of the water park?

A: Yes, the city will be indemnified. The YMCA carries liability insurance.

Q: How will you ensure the slides are safe?

A: All slides need to be approved by the state of Iowa.


Q: Will the ice rink be indoors or outdoors?

A: The ice rink will be outdoors.

Q: Can the ice rink have full hockey capabilities? 

A: This is a recreational rink only.

Q: How many people use the ice rink currently?

A: More than 14,000 people visited Frozen Landing in the 2021-2022 season.

Q: What will the space be used for during the off-season?

A: The space will be used for greenspace, possibly for outdoor activities, movies at night, or other alternative programs.

Q: Will Y members have access to the pool and ice rink for free?

A: No, only the water park. The ice rink will be operated by the City.

Q: Will ice skate rentals be offered?

A: Yes. We will continue to offer skate rentals.


Q: What is the unique recreational center?

A: As part of this proposed plan, the YMCA would acquire and repurpose the Life Fitness Center into a youth-focused Y:

  • Early Learning Center for 100 Additional Children in the Quad Cities
  • Gymnastics/Ninja Center
  • Indoor Recreational Soccer & Basketball Programs
  • Summer Recreational Sports Camps
  • Youth Personal Training Center

 Q: What are the plans for the indoor tennis program if the Life Fitness Center is sold?

A:  Tennis will stay in the building for 18-24 months. The YMCA will than reevaluate the program and see if private providers have built a tennis center.

Q: What are the plans for the indoor pickleball program if the Life Fitness Center is sold?

A: Pickleball will be offered at other locations in Bettendorf. The Bettendorf YMCA will have 9 courts ready for pickleball with a minimum of 6 available on most days. The TBK Bank Sports Complex also has courts available and the City of Bettendorf will have courts at the Community Center.

Q: What are the plans for senior fitness classes if the Life Fitness Center is sold?

A: The City of Bettendorf is looking into offering walking and other programming for seniors at the Community Center. YMCA Members will be able to walk on the indoor tracks at the Bittner and the Bettendorf YMCA.  YMCA classes are included in a membership.

Q: What are the plans for City-run recreational programs in inclement weather if the Life Fitness Center is sold?

A: The City will still have access to the building for inclement weather for summer day camp programs at no additional cost.

Q: Will any City-run recreational programs be discontinued if the Life Fitness Center is sold?

A: No.

Q: What percentage of City-run recreational programs will be housed out of the Community Center if the Life Fitness Center is sold?

A: Most of them in some capacity, as well as some additional programs. The City will be evaluating the recreation programs to determine if a future space is needed for staff offices and possibly smaller activity or community spaces.

Q:  Are there any plans for the gym rental activities that currently take place at the Life Fitness Center if it is sold?

A: Rentals will continue at the Community Center

Q: Why replace the current Life Fitness Center management with YMCA management if the LFC is sold?

A: The YMCA has grown from 24,000 members to 42,000 in the last 10 years.  They are opening another branch in Eldridge in December of this year.  The organization has not raised rates since 2009.


Q: Why was this location chosen for the water park?

A: The City and the YMCA felt it was a great idea to have investment in other parts of the community besides the area around the TBK Bank Sports Complex. The water park will be set back from the road.

 Q: How will this impact traffic?

A: Traffic will not be an issue, as many patrons come and go at staggered times. We do not currently have an issue with traffic.

Q: How many trees are we losing?

A: No more than necessary to complete the project, should be minimal.

Q: Is Middle Park still going to be there?

A: The only change will be Lowry Field becoming a parking lot for the amenity.  Nothing else will change.


Q: Who is paying for this project?

A: The cost is shared between the City, YMCA and private donors.

Q: Are taxes going to increase to pay for the project?

A: No.

Q: When will the private donors’ names be made public?

A: We are working with the private donors and a timeline for making that information public.

Q: How does the sale of the Life Fitness Center factor into the cost of the project?

A: It is part of the $6 million the YMCA is contributing as part of the project.

 Q: Why does the study not include revenues that the Parks & Recs Department brings in for programs at the LFC? We hear that LFC is 'losing money,' but they don't get credit for the revenues brought in for the programs they host.

A: Recreational revenues are segregated from the Life Fitness Center revenues.  We will attempt to relocate the recreational programs that are currently provided at the LFC to the Community Center.

 Q: If the costs increase from what the project is projected to cost, who is going to pay for that?

A: Either the amenities considered in project will have to be valued engineered down or additional revenues will have to be raised by the City, the YMCA, and/or additional private funding sources.

Q: I understand the cost to subsidize tennis is a concern of the city, but how does this compare to golf courses, the current pool, skate parks, etc.? 

A: We don’t have any concern about the cost of tennis as that program pays for its expenses.

Q: Finding it difficult to support this when the subsidies of other city municipalities are way higher. How can the city justify this? 

A: That is the policy question before the City Council.

Q: How will the city be invested in these projects? Through actual tax dollars or tax incentives?

A: The City is using all of its allocation from its ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) Funds.


Q: Will these amenities be handicap friendly?

A: We plan it to be handicap friendly.

 Q: Will public art be part of the plan?

A: Bettendorf already participates in a public art initiative, so that location could be a future site.

 Q: Is there another way to build the water park and ice rink without selling the Life Fitness Center?
A: Without the collaboration and funds from the YMCA and private partnerships, the City would not have enough funding.

Q: What about a restaurant in that area too?

A: That would be up to private developers.

Q: Will the disc golf course in Middle Park be removed?

A: No

Q: Are there any plans to include a music venue/amphitheater?

Q: There will be the possibility for additional programming during the summer months.  We have no concrete plans at this time. However, we will consider those possibilities.

Q: What is the projected revenue from adding all of these amenities and how will the money be allocated?

A: If the agreement passes, the YMCA will incur all of the profits and losses of the water park.