Unique Recreational Center

A Unique Recreational Center

As part of this proposed plan, the YMCA would acquire and repurpose the Life Fitness Center into a youth-focused Y:

  • Early Learning Center for 100 Additional Children in the Quad Cities
  • Gymnastics/Ninja Center
  • Indoor Recreational Soccer & Basketball Programs
  • Summer Recreational Sports Camps
  • Youth Personal Training Center

This center would offer additional benefits as well:

  • An 18-Month Guarantee for Indoor Tennis Players Starting January 1, 2023
  • YMCA Joiner Fee Waived for all Current LFC Members
  • Center Remains Open for City-Run Recreation Programs in Inclement Weather
  • Center Continues to Serve as City Emergency Shelter
  • Ownership Transfers to the Y, Saving Bettendorf Taxpayers $250,000 Every Year
  • No Tax Increases