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  • Each year over 500 people are killed because of arson fires and cause 2 billion dollars in property damage.
  • A quarter of all fires are arson and over half of them are set by juveniles.

Youth Firesetting/Juvenile Arson Statistics

National Statistics

  • Juvenile firesetting accounts for half of all arrests for arson since 1994.

  • 41,900 child child experimentation fires were reported in the U.S. according to the National Fire Protection Associations "Children Playing with Fire."

  • Civilian deaths caused by juvenile firesetting were reported at 165.

  • Civilian injuries caused by juvenile firesetting were 1,901.

  • Total in direct damages caused by juvenile fire was $272 million.

  • The median age of children who started fires by experimentation was 5 years old.

  • Six to eight percent of all those arrested for arson are under age 10, a higher percentage than any other crime.

  • Most children who experiment with fires start them with lighters or matches.

  • The majority of child experimentation fires are started in bedrooms.

Iowa Statistics

  • 10-15% of all fires reported are the result of arson.

  • Arson fires result in approximately $15 million in property damage per year.

  • Nearly half of all arson fires reported in Iowa are started by juveniles.

Information from Iowa Department of Public Safety and State's Fire Marshal

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