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Storm Water Hotline (563) 344-4084 
Streams in Bettendorf serve many uses, ranging from carrying storm water runoff to providing habitat for fish, turtles, birds and other wildlife. The City has created an "Adopt a Stream" program similar to the programs for clean-up and maintenance of area roads and streets.
This program provides families, local business owners, civic groups, neighborhood organizations, youth groups, churches, and academic institutions the opportunity to become involved in an environmental program that helps to protect the City's natural resources. The objectives of this program are to increase community involvement and awareness of the City's water resources, develop watershed-based environmental education, increase reporting of water quality problems, and to improve water quality and stream habitat. By committing to the program, a group or organization agrees to collect litter along the designated adopted stream twice a year for at least two years.
The enclosed package provides information on the program and explains the requirements for Adopt-a-Stream projects. Please return the following information to the address listed below prior to stream cleanup: Adopt-a-Stream Application and Agreement, Liability Release Form, Adopt-a-Stream Sign Request and the Event Notification Form. After the City has processed the application a copy of the Application and Agreement will be mailed to the group point of contact and the group is authorized to clean the stream.

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