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Bettendorf's transit system (BT) plays an important role in the overall transit network in the Quad Cities. In the area as a whole, BT links to the Davenport (Citibus) and Rock Island (MetroLink) systems, City of Bettendorf proper transit is a means to manage congestion on busy thoroughfares and offers service beneficial to employers/employees, businesses, casual travelers, students, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and those in economically disadvantaged situations.


In 1969 and 1970, the Davenport City Transit Authority and the Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District (RICMMTD) were formed, respectively. Between the years 1960 and 1970, Bettendorf's own population had more than doubled, from 10,534 to 22,126; in response to the needs of its rapidly growing population, Bettendorf contracted with Davenport in 1974 to provide one bus route between the cities. A year later, the city discontinued this service contract with Davenport and initiated a demand-response transit operation of its own.

In 1980, with a population of 27,381 residents and steadily growing, Bettendorf joined the league of QC public transit providers by utilizing government transit monies made available and upgrading to the development of a fixed route service. In 1984, Bettendorf applied for grants to assist in financing a new municipal building, and construction of the City Annex was completed in 1987.
Recent happenings:

The City of Bettendorf was recognized and honored in June of 2006 for having the most improved urban transit system of the year in Iowa for 2005, and was presented with an award by the Dept. of Transportation's Office of Public Transit. This prestigious award is based on a combination of ridership increases and a decrease in the cost per ride during the 2005 fiscal year.

BT currently consists of 3 fixed routes and a fleet which was significantly upgraded in 2017. The fleet consists of 5 twenty-one passenger vehicles, and are all lift-equipped for wheelchair accessibility. All buses are also equipped with bicycle racks which can accommodate 2 bicycles up to 75 lbs. total weight.

BT's service area covers a major portion of the City of Bettendorf, providing access to a variety of schools, shopping centers, hospitals/medical centers, local businesses, park/recreational areas, the library, museum, and various visitor "must see" attractions. Although service hours vary slightly by individual route (see "Schedules & Routes), general system operation hours are 6 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, and 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Saturday. There is no service on Sunday or major holidays.

General fixed route fare is $1.00, with special $.50 fares available for Seniors (citizens over age 60), local college students, persons with disabilities, and ParaTransit services. Bettendorf Transit is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): all buses are ADA accessible, and an ADA paratransit service (Dial-a-bus) is provided by the City of Bettendorf under contract through River Bend Transit. This is a demand-response service which offers accessible transportation to those unable to access fixed route service (more than 2 blocks from any fixed route), and is in full compliance with ADA guidelines.

BT connects with both CitiBus and MetroLINK, and offers the monthly QC PassPORT in coordination with those two systems. Transfers to CitiBus may be made at the meeting point location at Burlington Coat Factory/Lincoln Road and at Northridge Mall. Connection with MetroLINK may be made at the transfer point at Centre Station, downtown Moline.

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