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Stormwater Management

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This is a program that addresses the quantity and quality of runoff from rainfall events throughout the City. Historically, the City has been concerned only with managing the quantity of rainfall runoff that occurs when rain lands on impervious surfaces, such as roofs, parking areas and driveways. Recently, the City has been required to address the quality of the water in the runoff. This is the result of a mandate from the Federal EPA through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). The City has been issued a permit by the IDNR to discharge stormwater. This is similar to a permit for a waste water pollution control plant.

In the past, storm sewer planning concentrated on flood control. Modern storm sewer system management takes a total water resources management point of view and pays significant attention to pollution prevention. Most people think storm sewer runoff is a relatively harmless, natural occurrence and do not realize it pollutes natural resources such as creeks and rivers.

The Problem...
The potential for property damage in Bettendorf due to stormwater is considerable, depending on location. Stormwater frequently has high levels of sediment, phosphorus, nitrogen, heavy metals, oil, grease, pathogens, and organic materials. Every time it rains in Bettendorf, a number of things can happen:
  • Roadside pipes and ditches can become clogged with debris and cause runoff to overflow into streets
  • Unplanned ditches are carved through properties by run-off
  • Yards, garages and even homes can become flooded.
  • Uncontrolled sediment transport from construction sites can deposit sediments on downstream properties and into receiving streams

How will the City address the problems?
Because runoff from City streets is often involved, and many of the problems are too large for an individual to handle, the city has a responsibility to its citizens to address the issues. In 2000, Missman, Stanley & Associates prepared a Comprehensive Storm Water study on all 14 of the city's drainage ways. This study included future Capital Improvement Projects. The City of Bettendorf's Stormwater Section will be the organization to implement this comprehensive plan.

Efforts are focused on improving surface water quality which will in turn improve the quality of drinking water, increase viability for fish and decrease flooding. The plan includes the repair and cleaning of roadside pipes and ditches, replacing small culverts with larger ones and maintaining the system on a regular basis. Routine inspections are performed during dry weather to detect and address illicit discharges.

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