Any pool over 18 inches in depth requires a permit and a review by the Community Development Department. Reviewers will be checking the pool location relative to any nearby easements and/or building structures. When submitting for a pool application we strongly recommend whoever does the work should pull the permit. Some sort of fencing (fences or attached pool barriers for above-ground) are required for pools. 


  • If you do not have an existing fence, a 5-foot high fence is required.
  • However, if you have an existing fence that is 4-feet or higher, that will be grandfathered in and will be acceptable.
  • If the above-ground pool is 5 feet or higher, that will suffice for the height requirement. And no further fencing will be necessary.
  • If the above-ground pool is shorter than 5 feet, an attachable barrier/fence can be added onto the pool to meet the 5-foot height requirement.
(If you do not have an existing fence, we will not accept a pool permit application without a fence permit application submitted at the same time)

  • Pools must be at least 10 feet off of your property lines.
  • No swimming pool shall be closer than eight feet (8') to the principal building or accessory structure having a basement
  • Nor closer than five feet (5') to any principal building or accessory structure without a basement. 

Application Materials

Once we receive all the necessary documents, the application will go into review.