RV and Boat Storage on Residential Property

The parking and storage of Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and boats in residential areas is subject to several sections of Bettendorf City Code.  Following are some general parameters regarding the parking and storage of these vehicles.  Should you have questions please contact the Code Enforcement Division at (563) 344-4064.

An RV  is defined as any vehicle towed or self-propelled on its own chassis or attached to the chassis of another vehicle and designed or used for temporary dwelling, recreational, or sporting purposes. RVs include, but are not limited to, travel trailers, campers, motor coach homes, converted buses and trucks, boats, boat trailers, horse trailers, and utility trailers. See City Code 11-16-21:R.

Temporary Parking
RVs may be temporarily parked on outdoor residential parking spaces for up to eight hours no more than twice in a 7 day period.  Thirty hours must separate each occurrence. Residents seeking additional time for an RV may, upon notification of the to the City Zoning Administrator, park an RV  on an outdoor residential parking space for up to 168 hours for the purposes of visiting, loading, unloading or repair.  The Zoning Administrator can be contacted at (563) 344-4064. See City Code 11-13-11.

Interior Storage and Parking
RVs permanently stored or parked in residential garages are not subject to any time limit.

Exterior Storage and Parking
One RV may be parked or stored in the buildable area of a residential rear or side yard so long as it is not closer than two feet from the rear lot line and on a approved dustless surface. See City Code 11-11A-3.