Rental Housing Inspection Program

Landlords must hold a current Rental License and Certificate of Compliance to rent residential property within the City of Bettendorf, per City Code Section 10-8B-2.  You can apply for a rental license here.

Licenses run the calendar year (January 1 through December 31) and are transferable prior to expiration. Notices will be sent out for renewal. Fees are $35 for one dwelling. Dwellings with more than one unit under the same roof are $35 for the first unit and $10 for each additional unit. Bed and Breakfasts are $35 for the first sleeping room and $10 for each additional sleeping room. Each dwelling requires its own application.

A current rental application must be on file in the office of the City Clerk before the scheduled rental inspection date. The Certificate of Compliance will be issued when this residential structure is found to be in compliance with the requirements of the Bettendorf Housing Code. All units are on a four (4) year inspection cycle. 

For questions on licensing, please call (563) 344-4114.  To schedule an inspection please call (563) 344-4061.  The relevant city code can be accessed here: City Code Title 10, Chapter 8.