Multi-Modal Transportation

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, or your business is in need of a mode of transportation to move goods, raw materials or commodities, the Quad Cities region is a multi-modal hub.

Bettendorf is very fortunate to be located along major interstates and highways.  Additionally, we have the Mighty Mississippi River in our backyard, which moves good and materials with great ease.  CP Rail offers rail service through our downtown.  And the Quad Cities International Airport makes air travel quick and easy.  With direct flights to some of the country's largest cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit and Las Vegas, you can get to any destination quickly and easily.

Locally, Bettendorf understands the importance of a mass-transit system.  The City of Bettendorf has a robust transit network, and we are proud to partner with regional organizations to provide transit services throughout the Quad Cities Region as well.