Traffic and Street Lighting

The Engineering Division manages the City's traffic network, primarily consisting of traffic signals, traffic signs, streetlights and roadway pavement markings.

Traffic Signals
Picture of a Traffic SignalThere are currently 53 signalized intersections in the City.  All traffic signals are designed and installed in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).  This document is produced by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and provides standards for traffic control devices of all types.  All of Bettendorf's traffic signals are connected to the City's fiber optic network, which allows them to be coordinated and monitored from the traffic management center located at the Public Works building.  Additionally, all of the signals utilize video camera detection as opposed to in-pavement detector loops.  These cameras allow staff to view real-time traffic conditions.  

Traffic Signs
Picture of a Stop SignPublic Works is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 12,000 traffic signs.  All signage is tracked within the City's work order management system.  The Engineering Division is responsible for the selection and placement of all signs, which are installed in accordance with MUTCD standards.

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Pavement Markings
Picture of painting pavement markingsThe City annually contracts out the re-painting of all pavement markings, including white and yellow solid and dashed lines, crosswalks and symbols.  That work is highly weather dependent, and is generally done between June and September of each year.  Painting is done utilizing fast-drying, water-based paint with reflective beads added for increased nighttime visibility.  Over 500,000 linear feet of markings are repainted each year to address the wear and tear from normal traffic as well as winter weather and snow plows.  Crosswalks near schools are prioritized to be completed as close to the beginning of the school years as possible.

Street Lights
Picture of StreetlightsThe majority of street lights within the City are owned and maintained by MidAmerican Energy.  Any light attached to a wooden utility pole or any decorative poles within residential subdivisions are the responsibility of MidAmerican.  To report a street light out, go directly to MidAmerican Streetlight Repair Request.  The City does own and maintain the silver decorative poles in the downtown area.  To report an issue with those poles, please call (563) 344-4055.

Picture of a RoundaboutThere is currently one roundabout within the City, located at the intersection of 53rd Avenue and Middle Road.  That roundabout was the first to be constructed in the Quad Cities when it was built in 2003.  Roundabouts have consistently been shown to move traffic more efficiently and reduce the number of fatalities and severe injury accidents.  They are also safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and provide a greater aesthetic value for streetscaping.  Given those qualities and the City's experience at 53rd Avenue and Middle Road, the decision has been made to construct three (3) new roundabouts near the TBK Bank Sports Complex as part of the Forest Grove Drive Phase III Reconstruction project in 2022.  These roundabouts will be designed in accordance with the most recent roundabout standards, which have changed significantly since the initial roundabout was built.

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