Drinking (Potable) Water

Iowa American Water LogoIowa American Water Company owns and maintains the water mains throughout the City of Bettendorf.  Property Owners are responsible for the water service line from the water main to the building.

Contact Iowa American Water Company at (866) 641-2108 if:
  • You see water coming out of the ground/pavement (and there is no apparent source of water such as rain), or if      
  • you have lost water pressure. Iowa American Water Company will investigate the issue and respond as applicable:
  • Initiate/complete repairs to the water main at no cost to the property owner.
  • Initiate and guide property owner through the process of having their water service line repaired/replaced if the property owner has water line insurance.
Any work on water mains or service lines that will require an excavation within the City's Right-of-Way will require a Right-of-Way Permit.  That permit can be found here.  That work must also be performed by a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor and be inspected prior to approval.