Stormwater Utility Fee

Stormwater utility fees are billed to all customers to fund the City's stormwater management program.  The costs associated with storm water management include: personnel, maintenance, vehicles and equipment and infrastructure improvement projects as well as the six minimum controls outlined in the permit.  Stormwater utility fees are based on that property’s contribution to the need for storm water management and facilities.

Use of Fees
  • The storm water management fees pay for operations and maintenance costs of the storm water management programs and facilities. Some of the services tied to the storm water management program include the following:
  • Illicit discharge detection and elimination
  • Improving water quality
  • Public education and outreach
  • Storm sewer system maintenance, repairs, and construction
Fee Responsibilities
Owners of all developed land within the City pay the stormwater utility fee. This includes residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations.  Undeveloped land is not charged storm water utility fees because it does not have impervious surfaces.

Different From Tax
The stormwater utility fee is a user fee, much like the fee that you pay for your solid waste utility or sanitary sewer utility services.  Users of these services are charged for the demand they place on the system.  This fee system is a fair and equitable way to raise revenue for the program since it charges those who directly contribute to its need.  Users pay a fee to convey stormwater from their properties as that stormwater creates a burden on the City's stormwater infrastructure system. 

Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU)

An ERU is a standardized unit of measurement of impervious surface on a property. The City of Bettendorf has established 1 ERU as 2,500 square feet of impervious surface.

Impervious Surface
Impervious surface is any surface area that does not allow water to infiltrate.  Because water cannot be absorbed adequately, it runs off these surfaces and must be managed through well planned, constructed and maintained stormwater facilities to prevent flooding and pollution of the receiving waters.

Calculating the Fees

Property owners are charged storm water management fees based on the total impervious surface area on the property.  Residential properties with detached dwelling units shall be charged a stormwater fee based upon the amount of impervious area found on the property. The calculations of impervious area are based upon a formula that uses the total amount of square footage of land, as shown on the official records at the Scott County Assessor's Office, multiplied by a factor of thirty percent (30%). This value is then divided by two thousand five hundred (2,500) to determine the amount of equivalent residential units (ERUs) for that property. No property shall be charged less than one ERU per month. No property shall be charged more than five (5) ERUs per month.


All developed lands not classified as detached dwelling units shall be billed for one equivalent residential unit (ERU) for each two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet of impervious surface or increment thereof.

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