Homeowner Responsibilities

The following information will help residents understand their responsibilities during the winter months.

  • Residents are encouraged to remove vehicles from streets to allow crews to push snow to the curb. City Code prohibits parking in the cul-de-sac portion (turnaround area) of a dead end street after a snowfall with a total accumulation of two inches (2") or more until the paved portion of the cul-de-sac has been cleared of snow.
  • When clearing driveways, make sure the snow is not pushed into the street. This is covered by City Code 7-1-27, and violators can be cited.
  • Under City Code 7-1-10, abutting property owners are responsible for removing snow/ice from public sidewalks that are less than six feet (6’) wide.  If the sidewalk, bike path, or separated recreational trail is greater than six feet (6’) wide, the Parks Maintenance Division of Public Works will be responsible for clearing them.
  • If snow/ice remain on sidewalks for more than forty-eight (48) hours, the City may remove the snow/ ice and assess the actual cost against the property.  The minimum hourly rate to be billed to a property owner as a result of the City's ordering snow removal from City sidewalks shall be $40.00 per hour for an operator with a snow blower, $35.00 per hour for an operator with a shovel, and $35.00 per hour for an operator with a chopper or hand tools. In addition to the hourly fee, a $75.00 administrative fee to cover the costs of City staff time and enforcement action will be charged. Depending upon the equipment used by the contractor, a minimum fee of $115.00 will be charged per occurrence. The contractor will charge $15.00 per bag of chemical ice remover required per occurrence.
  • Sump pump discharge should not run over sidewalks and allowed to freeze. Deicing chemicals must be used to control the problem. Residents can be cited.
  • Residents who have a fire hydrant near their property are required to shovel the area around the hydrant and keep it clear at all times. Mailboxes should also be cleared or mail may not be delivered.
For further information about residents’ responsibilities during the winter months, please call the Public Works
Department at (563) 344-4088.