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Solid Waste Programs

The City of Bettendorf offers curbside collection service to all single-family dwellings and multi-family dwellings that have direct access to a public street within city limits. The Solid Waste program encompasses collection and disposal of household garbage, recyclable items, yard waste, bulky waste and electronic waste. For more details on each Point of Interest, click on the item on left side of this page. The Solid Waste fee collected for this service includes garbage, recycling, bulky waste, free bundled brush collection and no sticker yard waste weeks.

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To lookup the Garbage and Recycling information for your address, please click on the green button above. 

To report missed collections, cart requests, or any other Solid Waste Program question or concerns,
please send an email to or call (563) 344-4088

Please note
: The City provides collection services on Martin Luther King Jr Day, Presidents Day and Juneteenth Day. If your collection falls on one of these holidays, please set out your items for collection no later than 6 a.m.

Residents pay a fee for the size of the cart chosen. The carts are supplied by the city and residents are billed for garbage collection on the sewer bills. If a resident is not on the sewer billing system, a separate bill is sent. Bills are sent quarterly.

What Does the Fee Include?
The fee includes garbage collection and disposal; recycling collection and processing; bulky waste and e-collection, disposal and processing; and a portion of the cost of yard waste collection and disposal.


Extra Bag Fee: $3.00 per bag for those times when all the garbage will not fit into the cart with the lid completely closed.
  • The bag must have a $3.00 sticker on it or it will not be collected.
  • Set the extra bag of trash next to the cart.
  • Bag size - no larger than 32 gallons, no more than 50 pounds.
Garbage Stickers are available at City Hall, City Annex behind the Post Office and local grocery and convenience stores.
HOLIDAY EXTRA BAGS: Two (2) extra bags of garbage are allowed without stickers during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Nov. 24 - Nov. 29, 2023 and Dec. 26 - Dec. 30, 2023.
Fee for Changing Service Level: There is a $25.00 fee to change the cart service level. This applies to all residents who have had their garbage cart for more than thirty (30) days. Residents moving into a new residence will not be charged the fee to change their cart service level if they exchange it within thirty (30) days.

How Do Residents Sign Up for the Service?

To start/stop your solid waste collection service you need only make one call.  When you start/stop your water service with Iowa American Water Company (1.866.641.2108), you are automatically enrolled/unenrolled in solid waste collection services.

New Construction: If moving into a newly constructed residence, please call the Public Works Department (563.344.4088) to order your garbage and recycle carts.

Existing Residence: Garbage and Recycle carts should already be at the residence for your use. If you are missing a cart or need to exchange the size of the garbage cart please give us a call at 563.344.4088.

Moving Within Bettendorf:  If moving to a different address within Bettendorf, please notify Iowa American Water Company of your new address. Please leave both recycling and garbage carts at the old address. For carts at your new address please follow the instructions above for New Construction or Existing Residence.

Moving Outside Bettendorf: If moving outside of Bettendorf, please leave both the garbage and recycling cart at the old address and notify Iowa American Water Company of your forwarding address. If either cart is missing when moving, the departing resident will be billed for the cost of the replacement(s).