Recycling Collection

The City of Bettendorf provides single-stream recycling collection every other week.  Each residential customer is provided a blue 95-gallon rolling container.  These containers allow for fully automated collection, increasing efficiencies and reducing operating costs.

Recycling Tips:
  • Each cart comes with a colorful label on the lid that tells you exactly what goes in.  If you are still unsure what is acceptable for recycling, please click here.
  • All materials must be clean and dry (not bagged or boxed).
  • All cardboard must be placed inside the recycling cart. Make sure the cardboard is flattened and completely inside the cart.
  • No garbage or yard waste is allowed.
  • Set out recycling containers no later than 6:00 a.m. on your collection day.

For more information about your collection date, visit the Waste Commission of Scott County's website by clicking here.

Recycling Collection Fee:
The recycling service is available to all Bettendorf residents who receive the city's solid waste collection service.

Cart Too Full?:
  • Flatten all cans and containers before putting them into the cart.
  • Flatten all cardboard and place it inside the cart.
  • If you consistently overfill the cart, the city will deliver a second cart at no charge. Please email the Public Works Operations Division at or call (563) 344-4088.

Cart Placement:
Park it. Point it. Give it space.

Missed Collection:
Residents with a question regarding collection, please email or call (563) 344-4088.

Leave the cart at the residence you are leaving. If you move to another home in Bettendorf and it doesn't have a cart, please email the Public Works Operations Division at or call (563) 344-4008 for a new one.

Missing or Damaged Carts:
Residents who have a missing or damaged cart should contact Bettendorf Public Works at or call (563) 344-4088 for a replacement.  The cart, and its contents, are the property of the City of Bettendorf and it's against the law to remove them.