Schedules & Routes


Select the correct route schedule.  Check the map to pinpoint present location and the route that travels closest to desired destination.

Select the closest time point.  Find the time point on the route map that is closest to present location. This point corresponds to the time point on the timetable schedule for that route.

Determine desired departure time.  Read down the column for the  starting location on the route schedule and find the time closest to the desired departure time.  If the starting location is not a time point listed on the schedule, use the time point the bus reaches just prior to present location and estimate the bus arrival time.  If not near a designated bus stop, stand on the back of curb along the bus route and wait on the same side of the street in which the bus is traveling. Signal the driver by waving and have the exact fare or bus pass ready.  Always be at the bus stop 5 minutes early.  Bettendorf Transit staff are always ready to help find the nearest bus stop.

Determine desired arrival time.  By reading across on the same line to the time point closest to desired destination, determine the estimated arrival time.

Planning the trip.  Locate the column showing the start time point or location, read down to the desired arrival time, then--staying on the same line--read back to the left until reaching the column of the  starting location.

Fixed Route Demand Response Service. 
There are designated areas known as a demand response (DR) on certain routes that may be requested for pick-ups and drop offs.  These locations are noted on each route specific link found under Route Schedules & Maps.  Please call ahead for a demand response pick-up, or inform the transit operator of your DR when boarding the bus.  This service is open to all riders including the general public.

Please call Bettendorf Transit at (563) 344-4085 during normal operating hours for questions.

Route Schedules & Maps: