Administrative Division


The goal of the Administrative Division is to manage, coordinate, and enhance the performance and quality of services provided by the Prevention, Suppression, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials, and Training Divisions through planning, the writing and evaluation of policies and procedures, allocation of resources, budget implementation and control, personnel management, and public relations.


  1. To serve as liaison between the Department and Mayor, City Council and City Administrator.
  2. To formulate a budget which addresses the current and future needs of the Department.
  3. To improve the office management system, data collection and analysis, and reporting.
  4. To develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures to increase efficiency and effectiveness of all Divisions.
  5. To provide personnel management to the career and volunteer membership.
  6. To recruit and maintain qualified volunteer personnel.
  7. To improve, enhance, and maintain radio communications.
  8. To provide technical expertise and direction in emergency and non-emergency situations.