Emergency Medical Services Division


The goal of the Emergency Medical Services Division is to provide immediate fire response EMS at the EMT-Paramedic Provisional level including rapid defibrillation by properly trained and certified personnel.


  1. To respond to all emergency and non-emergency medical requests immediately with a minimum of two (2) certified EMT's.
  2. To provide rapid defibrillation to victims of sudden cardiac arrest.
  3. To provide basic and advanced level care to medical and trauma victims.
  4. To provide vehicle extrication (victim removal) in situations of victim entrapment from vehicle accidents.
  5. To maintain and purchase equipment and supplies as needed.
  6. To provide personnel with an infectious disease prevention program.
  7. To write reports and maintain records on all victims and calls as required by the State of Iowa Department of Public Health.
  8. To provide CPR training programs to the public as requested.
  9. To develop and implement burn and injury prevention programs.
  10. To develop capabilities for technical rescue from confined spaces, high angle situations, trench cave-ins, and structural collapses.