Fire Prevention Divisions


The goal of the Prevention Division is the prevention of fires through inspection of property, public education in fire safety, review of construction plans of all new buildings for fire safety, and investigation of fires to determine cause and origin.


  1. To conduct bi-annual fire/life safety inspections on assembly, business, educational, hotel/apartment, hazardous, and city owned occupancies.
  2. To conduct annual fire/life safety inspections on all occupancies licensed by State Fire Marshal; i.e. jail, preschools, schools, nursing homes, health care facilities.
  3. To investigate all fires to determine cause and origin and assist in the investigation and prosecution of arson cases.
  4. To develop new and update existing pre-plans for all assembly, business, industrial, educational, hotel/apartment, and hazardous occupancies.
  5. To identify lightweight truss constructed buildings.
  6. To review and follow-up on all new construction projects.
  7. To present fire safety education to grades K-5 during Fire Prevention Week in the Bettendorf School system.
  8. To present tours of the fire stations to the public.
  9. To identify and provide counseling and referral to all juvenile firesetters.
  10. To observe fire protection system testing on all new sprinkler, hood and fire alarm systems.
  11. To computerize all inspections, pre-plans, and plan reviews.
  12. To develop and implement a fire prevention/life safety curriculum to be presented in the Bettendorf and Pleasant Valley School systems.
  13. To present the Iowa State Fire Marshal's Preschool education program to the licensed preschools in the City.