Hazardous Materials Division


The goal of the Hazardous Materials Division is to provide trained personnel and adequate resources to safely and effectively mitigate hazardous materials incidents of a chemical, biological, or radiological nature posing a threat to life, property, and the environment.


  1. To detect, establish concentration levels, and identify through lab analysis known materials and wastes.
  2. To plug, cap, and seal leaks due to punctures, cracks, tears or corrosion in containers, drums, pipes, and tanks from pin hole size to 12" X 12" in diameter.
  3. To contain and store the products of a clean-up operation, disposal of damaged or leaking containers which cannot be stopped, and contaminated equipment and clothing in securable drums up to 85 gallons prior to approved disposal.
  4. To neutralize petroleum based product spills.
  5. To contain spills up to 100 gallons through the use of diking, blocking, and absorbing materials.
  6. To provide the trained personnel with appropriate levels of protective equipment during hazardous materials exposure and handling.
  7. To provide decontamination and first aid for personnel and victims exposed to hazardous materials.
  8. To provide technical expertise, liaison with local, state, federal agencies, and support to the Incident Commander during incidents.
  9. To further organize and administer the SARA Title III Program.
  10. To develop a Haz-Mat response vehicle to handle personnel and equipment needs and requirements.
  11. To update procedures for responding to Haz-Mat incidents, when requested, in Scott County and the Quad City area.