Bettendorf Trails

Staying active in Bettendorf is easy with 16 miles of separated trails, 13 miles of recreational trails, and 7 miles of bike lanes. Plan your next trails outing by viewing the Bettendorf Trails map!

Stay active on our trails!

Barcelona Street Sidepath                   Kiwanis Park Walking Path                                            Scott Community College Trails
Belmont Road Sidepath                        Middle Mississippi River Trail                                        Spruce Hills Drive Side Path
Crow Creek Park Trail                             Middle Road Sidepath                                                   Tanglefoot Lane Sidepath
Devils Glen Road Sidepath                   Mississippi River Trail (MRT): Bettendorf Section      Utica Ridge Road Sidepath
Duck Creek Parkway                              Mississippi River Trail (MRT): Riverdale Section         53rd Avenue Sidepath
Hopewell Avenue Sidepath                  Spruce Hills Drive Side Path                                           53rd Street Path


Bettendorf is bicycle friendly! 

Bettendorf's investments in separated trails, recreational trails, and bike lanes have earned the City a spot on the League of American Bicyclists' Bicycle Friendly Communities list. Every year, the league ranks each state on how "bikeable" they are, and Iowa is currently ranked the 30th "most-bikeable" state. The league awarded Bettendorf the Bronze award in 2018, marking Bettendorf as one of the most "bikeable" cities in the country.

Bettendorf Trails Committeelogo

The Bettendorf Trails Committee is a city-led body of employees, business leaders, educators, and residents. The mission of the Bettendorf Trails Committee is to promote a safe and healthy community by supporting active lifestyles. If you are interested in volunteering with the Committee, contact Becky Lovich at The Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 4pm in the second floor conference room at Bettendorf City Hall (1609 State Street).

To reduce on-street traffic and encourage bicycle riding to local businesses, the City of Bettendorf is offering a cost-share program to help businesses purchase bike racks. The City will cost-share the purchase of bike racks up to $500/business. Businesses are responsible for purchasing, installing, and maintaining their bike racks. Once installed, simply send a photo and purchase documentation to the Bettendorf Trails Committee at

Board Members: John Harrington, Janette Harrington, Jackie Wessels, Brian Strusz, Linda Mitchell
Committee Members: Bob Lee, Marguerite Tomlin, Steve Grimes, Kentley Lowenstein, Jeff Nelson, Enrique Riajas Berazalure, Michael Raso, Mike Pence

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trailtrailTrail at Hollowview