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Cancellation Policy                                     3 Active Wellness Week                                             7
Catering                                                  13 Birthday Party Packages                                         7
Funding Assistance Form                            4 Dogtoberfest                                                        20
Gift Certificates                                         3 For Sale By Owner                                                16
Job Opportunities                                      3 Holiday Movie Nights                                             20
Program Shirts                                          3 Magicians Academy                                               20
Registration Procedures                             3 Mother/Son Fun Night                                           16
Registration Form                               17-18
FACILITIES Senior Golf Cart Tour                                            16
Frozen Landing                                          9 Winter Carnival                                                    16 
Herbert D Goettsch Community Center        5 MARK YOUR CALENDAR   PG 19
Life Fitness Center                                 6-8 Spring/Summer Adult Softball
Palmer Hills Golf Course                       12-13 Summer Volleyball
Disc Golf Clinics
Basketball                                          14-15 Girls Softball
Cheerleading                                           14 Spring Soccer
Cross Country Skiing                                12 Baseball Training Camps
Softball Training Camps
Fitness Classes                                          8 Coach Pitch Baseball
Ice Skating                                               9 Coach Pitch Softball
Kickball                                                   15
Personal Training                                       8
Pickleball                                                   7
Skiing/Snowboarding                               14
Soccer                                               14-15
Sports & Games                                       14
Tennis                                                10-11
Volleyball                                           14-15

Business Licenses
City Businesses licenses are issued annually and in accordance with the City Code.  Most licenses have a term of July 1st though June 30th.  Renewal notices are automatically sent out by the City.  Mid-year applications are pro-rated by quarter.
For additional information, please contact:

Michelle Spencer
(563) 344-4013


Business License Application


Rental Licenses

Rental licenses are also handled by the Administration Division.  Licenses must be renewed annually and run from January 1 - December 31st.  Mid year rental licenses are not prorated.


Rental License Application

Board Members

Norm Voelliger - Chairperson

Kris Clements
David Falk
Bob Gallagher Sr.
Mary Spranger
The Family Museum's Early Childhood Program offers an array of art, science and cultural opportunities tailored to young learners.  For a comprehensive list of classes, exhibits and events, call The Museum today!
Visit The Museum Programs Page for the latest class offerings.
Fire Department Logo About the Fire Department
The Bettendorf Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services Department serves a population of more than 47,501 people spread over an area of 45 square miles. The Department services the City of Bettendorf, City of Panorama Park and 1/3 of Scott County Benefited Fire District #1. The Bettendorf Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services Department's ISO rating is a 3/3Y.

The fire department is a combination department comprised a full-time Fire Chief, a full-time Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, a full-time Firefighter/Rental Housing Inspector, twenty-four full-time Firefighters, and twenty volunteer Firefighters. It is one of the largest combination departments, in one of the largest cities served by volunteers in the state.

The Bettendorf Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services Department has the ability to call additional personnel and equipment from all fire departments in Scott County and most fire departments in Rock Island County through the use of mutual-aid agreements with these departments.

In 2017, the Bettendorf Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services Department responded to 3,998 alarms covering the entire spectrum of fire service responsibilities; including fire suppression, emergency medical services, rescue, hazardous materials, as well as calls for public assistance. The Department is active in fire prevention, fire and building code enforcement, building inspections, juvenile firesetters program, and public education programs.

The Department's apparatus is comprised of:

- 4 Engine Companies
- 1 Truck Company
- 1 Heavy Rescue/Technical Rescue Vehicle
- 1 Hazardous Materials Response Vehicle
- 1 Light Rescue/Water Rescue Response Vehicle
- 1 Tanker / Water Tender
- 5 Administrative Vehicles
- 1 River Rescue Boat
- 2 Swiftwater Rescue Boats

The Bettendorf Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services Department currently staffs 2 fire stations full time.  Station 1 (State Street Station) located at 1609 State St and Station 2 (Spruce Hills Station) located at 1933 Spruce Hills Dr are staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a minimum of 1 Company Officer and 2 Firefighters.  Station 4 (Surrey Heights Station) located at 5002 Crow Creek Rd is staffed from 7p-7a nightly with 2 resident volunteer firefighters.  Station 3 (Pleasant Valley Station) is located at 24495 Valley Dr and is used for department storage and is a sub-station for Scott County Sheriff's Office.

The fire fighting team of the City of Bettendorf maintains the highest levels of professionalism through a program that provides in-house training in both basic and advanced skills in fire-fighting, emergency medicine, and rescue to all members of the Department. Specialized training is provided to all members, as it becomes available, through the use of services provided by training programs and institutions nationwide.

Welcome to the Bettendorf Police Department Citizens Online Police Reporting System. If this is an Emergency please call 911. Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. Please confirm the following to find out if online citizen police report filing is right for you:

  • This is not an Emergency?
  • This incident occurred within the Bettendorf City limits?
  • There are No Known suspects?
  • Victim loss does not exceed $1,000?
If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you are ready to file your report online. Please make sure to turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing the report. If you answered no to any of the questions please look at our Frequently Asked Question section at the bottom of this page.

Upon completion of this report process you will:

  • See the words: "Your online police report has been submitted" showing that your police report is complete.
  • Be given a police report case number.
  • Be able to print a copy of the police report to keep for your records.
Please Note:
  • All cases filed using the Citizens Online Police Reporting System will be reviewed.
  • Upon review, if further investigation of your case is needed, you may be contacted.
  • Filing a false police report is a crime.

Using the Bettendorf Police Department Police Online Citizen Reporting System you can report the following incidents (please choose one):

Harassing Communications Identity Theft Lost/Mislaid Property
Theft (All Other) Theft From a Building Theft From a Motor Vehicle
Theft From Coin Operated Machine Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts/Accessories Trespass

Online Police Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

Question What do I do if online incident reporting is not right for me?
Answer If your incident is an emergency, call 911. If non-emergency call 563-344-4015.

Question What if this happened in another city can I file a report using this online police citizen reporting system?
Answer No, If a crime took place outside of the City of Bettendorf Police Department please call the police department for that city.

Question What is a known suspect?
Answer A known suspect is when you or someone else knows the person or where to find the person who committed the crime or the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect(s) were in.
Powered by Coplogic's Online Citizen Police Reporting


(Please scroll down for more information)
The City of Bettendorf provides collection on the designated garbage collection day.
Questions about Collection? Click here to view your schedule online.
Residents pay a fee for the size of the cart chosen. The carts are supplied by the city and residents are billed for garbage collection on the sewer bills. If a resident is not on the sewer billing system, a separate bill is sent. Bills are sent quarterly.
What Does the Fee Include?
The fee includes garbage collection and disposal; recycling collection and processing; bulky waste and
e-collection, disposal and processing; and a portion of the cost of yard waste collection and disposal.
These rates are effective beginning on April 1, 2018:
Cart Size Monthly Fee
Quarterly Fee  
32 gallon Twice a month collection - every other week
$9.27 $27.79  
32 gallon weekly $13.23 $39.67  
64 gallon weekly**
**Recommended for most families
$17.16 $51.46  
96 gallon weekly $21.12 $63.34  
No cart/sharing option $9.27 $27.79  
**Rates subject to change
garbage carts oct 2017
Extra Bag Fee: $3.00 per bag for those times when all the garbage will not fit into the cart with the lid completely closed.
Garbage Stickers are available at City Hall, City Annex behind the Post Office and local grocery and convenience stores.
Fee for Changing Service Level: There is a $25.00 fee to change the cart service level. This applies to all residents who have had their garbage cart for more than 30 days. Residents moving into a new residence will not be charged the fee to change their cart service level if they exchange it within 30 days.
Residents with Twice a Month Option:
See this link for the 2018 collection dates/schedule.
A calendar is mailed every December to residents with this option. Residents may request a calendar by emailing or calling 563-344-4088.
How Do Residents Sign Up for the Service?
New Resident: If a new Bettendorf resident, please call the Public Works Department at 563-344-4088 to choose a cart size for garbage collection. If there is no recycling cart, order one at the same time. There is no charge for a recycling cart.
Moving within Bettendorf: If moving to a different address within Bettendorf, please notify the Public Works Department at 563-344-4088 of the new address. Please leave both recycling and garbage carts at the old address. Public works employees will deliver a garbage and recycling cart to the new address, if needed.
Moving Outside Bettendorf: If moving outside of Bettendorf, please leave both the garbage and recycling cart at the old address. If either cart is missing when moving, the departing resident will be billed for the cost of the replacement(s).
Multi-Family Units and Small Businesses: To begin city garbage collection service, please call the Public Works Department at 563-344-4088 to choose a service level.
Basic Tips for Automated Garbage Collection:
  1. Park It
  2. Point It
  3. Give It Space
Cart Safety: Please read the weight limits on the lid of the garbage cart. Do not overload the cart. Please do not put heavy rocks, sod, or concrete in the cart. If the cart is too difficult to move, please request help to move it. if the cart is too large to handle, smaller carts are available.
Missed Collection? Any questions regarding a missed collection, please email Operations at or call 563-344-4088.
The City Encourages Recycling! Cardboard boxes need to be recycled. Please flatten and place inside the recycle cart.  Cardboard left outside of the cart will not be collected.
Stolen or Damaged Carts: Residents who suspect their cart has been stolen, please call 344-4088 to receive a new cart. The cart and its contents are the property of the City of Bettendorf. If the cart has been damaged, please email or call 563-344-4088.
Storm Water Hotline (563) 344-4084 
Streams in Bettendorf serve many uses, ranging from carrying storm water runoff to providing habitat for fish, turtles, birds and other wildlife. The City has created an "Adopt a Stream" program similar to the programs for clean-up and maintenance of area roads and streets.
This program provides families, local business owners, civic groups, neighborhood organizations, youth groups, churches, and academic institutions the opportunity to become involved in an environmental program that helps to protect the City's natural resources. The objectives of this program are to increase community involvement and awareness of the City's water resources, develop watershed-based environmental education, increase reporting of water quality problems, and to improve water quality and stream habitat. By committing to the program, a group or organization agrees to collect litter along the designated adopted stream twice a year for at least two years.
The enclosed package provides information on the program and explains the requirements for Adopt-a-Stream projects. Please return the following information to the address listed below prior to stream cleanup: Adopt-a-Stream Application and Agreement, Liability Release Form, Adopt-a-Stream Sign Request and the Event Notification Form. After the City has processed the application a copy of the Application and Agreement will be mailed to the group point of contact and the group is authorized to clean the stream.

Bettendorf's transit system (BT) plays an important role in the overall transit network in the Quad Cities. In the area as a whole, BT links to the Davenport (Citibus) and Rock Island (MetroLink) systems, City of Bettendorf proper transit is a means to manage congestion on busy thoroughfares and offers service beneficial to employers/employees, businesses, casual travelers, students, senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and those in economically disadvantaged situations.


In 1969 and 1970, the Davenport City Transit Authority and the Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District (RICMMTD) were formed, respectively. Between the years 1960 and 1970, Bettendorf's own population had more than doubled, from 10,534 to 22,126; in response to the needs of its rapidly growing population, Bettendorf contracted with Davenport in 1974 to provide one bus route between the cities. A year later, the city discontinued this service contract with Davenport and initiated a demand-response transit operation of its own.

In 1980, with a population of 27,381 residents and steadily growing, Bettendorf joined the league of QC public transit providers by utilizing government transit monies made available and upgrading to the development of a fixed route service. In 1984, Bettendorf applied for grants to assist in financing a new municipal building, and construction of the City Annex was completed in 1987.
Recent happenings:

The City of Bettendorf was recognized and honored in June of 2006 for having the most improved urban transit system of the year in Iowa for 2005, and was presented with an award by the Dept. of Transportation's Office of Public Transit. This prestigious award is based on a combination of ridership increases and a decrease in the cost per ride during the 2005 fiscal year.

BT currently consists of 3 fixed routes and a fleet which was significantly upgraded in 2017. The fleet consists of 5 twenty-one passenger vehicles, and are all lift-equipped for wheelchair accessibility. All buses are also equipped with bicycle racks which can accommodate 2 bicycles up to 75 lbs. total weight.

BT's service area covers a major portion of the City of Bettendorf, providing access to a variety of schools, shopping centers, hospitals/medical centers, local businesses, park/recreational areas, the library, museum, and various visitor "must see" attractions. Although service hours vary slightly by individual route (see "Schedules & Routes), general system operation hours are 6 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, and 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Saturday. There is no service on Sunday or major holidays.

General fixed route fare is $1.00, with special $.50 fares available for Seniors (citizens over age 60), local college students, persons with disabilities, and ParaTransit services. Bettendorf Transit is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): all buses are ADA accessible, and an ADA paratransit service (Dial-a-bus) is provided by the City of Bettendorf under contract through River Bend Transit. This is a demand-response service which offers accessible transportation to those unable to access fixed route service (more than 2 blocks from any fixed route), and is in full compliance with ADA guidelines.

BT connects with both CitiBus and MetroLINK, and offers the monthly QC PassPORT in coordination with those two systems. Transfers to CitiBus may be made at the meeting point location at Burlington Coat Factory/Lincoln Road and at Northridge Mall. Connection with MetroLINK may be made at the transfer point at Centre Station, downtown Moline.

City Council Park Board
Plan and Zone Board of Adjustment
Bettendorf Now 4th of July


To provide exceptional and safe aquatic experiences for all.
NEW!! All reservations must be made online at
Pool rentals may be made 60 days prior to your reservation date, and are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.  A $50 non-refundable deposit must be paid online when making your reservation.  The rental balance as well as your concession option fees MAY be paid online as well, but MUST  be paid 5 business days prior to the event date.  Concession Stand Option (Ran by Hungry Boy Deli) is $50.  The Concessions Area Option (you bring in your own food) is $25.  Rentals take place Fridays 8:30-20:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 6:00-8:00pm and 10:00am - 11:15am Sunday mornings..  Not ALL dates are available so check online for details.  If you decide to cancel for any reason, you must contact Splash Landing at least 4 hours prior to the event in order to receive a refund less the deposit.  Any questions, please contact the Pool Manager at 563.344.4124.


includes lifeguards for 2 hours of swimming 100 $400.00
250 $625.00
500 $875.00
800 $1000.00
includes lifeguards for 2 hours of swimming 30 $210.00
75 $375.00
200 $500.00






Includes lifeguards for 2 hours of swimming 25


50 $225.00


Engineering personnel provide construction inspection for all City-owned road and sewer projects to ensure quality assurance.  PW employees also provide inspection oversight for road and sewer projects associated with residential development work.  A list of all active projects being inspected is found at the Current Projects tab.  Any road closures associated with this work is shown at the Road Closures tab and the information is updated  daily to ensure currency.  Questions related to this information should be addressed to either of the following:
Engineering Division, Tele:  344-4055
Dave Merritt----Chief, Const Inspection, Tele:  344-4055

To explore locations, facilities, trails, and other park amenities, follow the links on the left hand side of this page.

Since 2002, Quad City Arts has facilitated a rotating public art program in the Quad Cities allowing pieces to be rented for one year with the option to become permanent.  The City of Bettendorf has utilized the program since 2008.  The sculptures are an affordable way to beautify the community and allow the city to invest in the arts.

 In July, five new sculptures were installed using this program and placed in five locations around the city for the upcoming year!  Each sculpture will have a plaque installed on its base with sculpture details like name, artist, and purchase price. 

 One of the newest locations is on private land for the first time as a way to expand the program in Bettendorf.  This location is at 1805 State Street in front of Build To Suit’s property.  

This map shows you where you can find these sculptures as well as other art in the city.  We invite you to take a tour and check the pieces out in person.

The Building Inspections Services Office is open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at 4403 Devils Glen Road. The inspector's office hours are 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. daily.

Please feel free to contact us for additional assistance at (563) 344-4074.

The Building Inspections Services Department for the City of Bettendorf is comprised of:

Permit Applications

BUILDING PERMIT - application

Building Permit & Inspection Fees

Electrical Permit - application

Electrical Permit Fees

Plumbing Permit

Plumbing Fees

Mechanicals Application

Mechanical Permit Fees

Fence Permit Application

Building Related Applications

Right-of-Way application

Right-of-Way Permit Fees

Contractor's Bond Application

Survey Certificate

Flood Zone Development Permit

Sewer Use Refund Application

Sanitary Sewer Connection Application


Erosion Control & COSESCO information

The preceding is NOT a complete list. Therefore, if you have questions as to whether your particular project requires a permit, please give us a call at 344-4074.

Click here to view a current listing of sites and buildings for the City of Bettendorf
Isle of Capri

Adjoining Land to Isle of Capri

Two Sites available: 12 or 60 acres.  Adjacent to existing Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel.

Great River Business Park

Great River Business Park

Site #1 = 110 acres

Site #2 = 117 acres

Site #3 = 114 acres

Site #4 = 60 acres

Direct access to Interstate 80 and fiber optics.

Riverside Development Park

Riverside Development Park

Industrial site measures 29.122 acres and is adjacent to highway and rail.

The Family Museum prides itself on offering permanent indoor and outdoor interactive exhibits, while providing the community with the most highly acclaimed traveling exhibitions for children, and families from around the world.
Check a listing of the most current EXHIBITIONS at the Family Museum right here!
To prepare accurate and timely financial statements for the Mayor, City Council, City Management and citizens of the community. Responsible for the recording, auditing, processing and reporting of all financial transactions for the City including receipts, disbursements, payables, payroll, purchase orders, and journal entries.


To provide recreational opportunities that enrich the quality of life for all.



Click here to Register Online

To provide recreational opportunities that enrich the quality of life for all.
The Bettendorf Community Center is located at 2204 Grant Street and features four meeting rooms that range in size from 15 seats to 100 seats.(See pictures below)Facilities include a gymnasium that includes 6 basketball hoops and two volleyball nets. Contact Parks and Recreation at (563)344-4113 to reserve a room or the gym.
The Community Center is located at Sunny Crest Park -- which also features a gazebo and beautiful flower garden on the east side of the building.Plenty of parking exists both on Grant Street, 22nd Street, and behind the building.
2011 Banquet room
Banquet Room Seats up to 100 guests and includes a full kitchen. $12.50 per hour weekday, $22.50 per hour weekend
Banquet Room Kitchen
Kitchen in Banquet Room
Canteen Room
Canteen Room seats up to 70 guests. $7.50 per hour weekday. $17.50 per hour weekend
Board Room
Board Room seats up to 15 guests. $5.00 per hour weekday, $15.00 per hour weekend
Crimson Room
Crimson Room seats up to 35 guests. $7.50 per hour hour weekday. $17.50 per hour weekend
Gym. Can rent either half or the full gym in a price range from $20 - $50 per hour.


Contact Parks and Recreation at (563)344-4113 to reserve a room or the gym.
The first Officers charged with upholding the law were Marshals (an appointed position), Constables (an elected position) and Sheriff's Deputies.

In 1928 Bettendorf was equipped with its first police communications system. The system was a series of red lights placed at five intersections on State street. If a police officer was needed, the lights would be activated and the officer would return to the station to determine the need.

The first "Active" Police Department for the City of Bettendorf was inaugurated in 1948 with an acting Chief of Police and three fulltime officers. One car was used for patrolling with a motorcycle for traffic duty during the daytime. There were two telephone operators from 5 P.M. until 8 A.M. each night. The City Clerk's office handled calls during the week day. The only contact with the car was through the Davenport Police Department Radio.

By 1958 the Department grew to an authorized strength of six officers with two cars, four telephone operators and their own radio transmitter.

By 1968 the Department had 16 fulltime officers, seven dispatchers and an identification technician. Below is a timeline of those who served as Marshal and Chiefs of Police.

Chief Keith Kimball
since May 2018
Phil Redington 1992-2018
William Shell 1991-1992
Decker Phoehn 1986-1991
Keith Chandler 1981-1986
Steve Tometich 1949-1981
Ed Ludwig 1948-1949
Herman Giese 1928-1948
Elmer Clifton 1920-1928
John Boland 1919-1920

In the early 1900's Bettendorf was a very diverse community comprised of immigrants who migrated from Armenia, Germany, Mexico and many other countries. During that time a diverse community known as "Holy City" was located south of State Street and adjacent to the Mississippi River. The community was comprised mostly of tar paper shanties and wooden shacks. It is rumored that there were many stabbings, shootings and drunken brawls and that local law enforcement did little to intervene, basically allowing the community to "police its own".

The following is excerpts from an article that appeared in the July 27th, 1919 copy of the Times Democrat (Now known as the Quad City Times)


"Gun play in the Holy City, Bettendorf's foreign settlement, snuffed out another life Saturday afternoon." Eva (Peoria) Cooper, 33, deputy constable, was shot and killed by Deputy Marshal Mike Azizian, 25. Constable W.C. Collins and Mike Ogospian were spectators. Town Marshal John Boland was less than a block from the scene of the crime. After the murder Azizian held Constable Collins at the point of his revolver, while he backed from the room. He surrendered to Marshal Boland.

The shooting occurred while Constable Collins and his deputy were searching Ogospian's rooming house on a John Doe Search Warrant. They had unearthed two jugs of whiskey when Azizian appeared in the doorway and fired. Cooper sprawled over one of the jugs with a bullet through his spine. Azizian fired again at Collins, missing, before backing from the room. Azizian is alleged to have owned part of the whisky.

He used a .32 caliber automatic revolver in the murder shooting steel jacketed bullets. He is now confined to the County jail. Saturday's murder has an interesting angle in that both men were regularly appointed officers of the law. It is no secret in Bettendorf that there is hard feeling between Marshal Boland and Constable Collins. That the murdered man should have been a deputy constable and the murderer a deputy marshal throws an unusual angle into the otherwise sordid tragedy. There is much rumor rife on the streets of the little town as to the real cause of the shooting. Constable Collins story is clear and concise:

I was handed a warrant sworn out before Justice of the Peace W.J. Sanders. The warrant was for a certain house in the Holy City, and was instructed to look for whisky which was believed to be concealed there.

I at once attempted to get in touch with sheriff Kuehl, but he was out on another case at the time. There was not time to lose and the first man I met was Peoria Cooper, I told him to accompany me and I deputized him. We went to the house in the Holy City which is a boarding house conducted by Mike Ogospian.

In the presence of County Attorney Henry H. Jebens, Sheriff Henry A. Kuehl and Constable W.C. Collins four hours after the murder, Mike Azizian made a complete confession, pleading self defense. The Armenian was even anxious to make a clean breast of the whole affair, reciting in detail his acquaintance with the murdered man and the events which led up to the fatal shooting.

After a brief personal history, Azizian took up the turn of the events which culminated in the murder. He said in part as follows: Cooper and I went to Rock Island at 11 P.M. on July 23 enroute to Peoria to get some whisky. We remained in Peoria until July 24 and after purchasing two jugs of whisky for $66.00 we returned to Bettendorf, arriving at 10 A.M. on July 25. Cooper handed the whisky to a man by the name of Agopoff living in the Holy City. Cooper then demanded $80.00 from me for hauling the whisky to Bettendorf. I told him that was too much. He told me if I didn't pay he would have me pinched. I was scared and I gave him $75.00. The next time I saw Cooper was on July 26 when Cooper in company with Constable W.C. Collins passed me in the road in Collins auto. The Armenian told in detail how he returned to his home only to discover Cooper and Constable Collins searching the room. When I saw Cooper put his hand on his hip pocket and I thought he would shoot me. Then I shot him. My reason for shooting was because Cooper said he would shoot me if I did not give him the $80.00 on the forenoon of July 26. Cooper told me he had a gun. I never saw a gun. Azizian is 25 years of age, married, father of two daughters. His wife and children are in Armenia He came to America on Dec. 25 1913, and has taken out his first naturalization papers. This article appeared in the July 27, 1919 Sunday Morning edition of the Times Democrat.

The Bettendorf Police Department has tasked its Honors Committee with assisting in the preservation of historical information on the Bettendorf Police Department.

The city is pleased to offer residents bulky waste collection that is convenient and easy to use.  Residents may set out bulky waste every other week on their recycling collection days.  Refer to Recycling Calendar for the specific collection day.  For an on-line schedule, click here.
"Bulky waste" refers to large garbage items that are too heavy to be lifted by one person and too large to fit in a garbage cart.  This includes items such as furniture, appliances and tires.  Electronic waste, including computers, are also collected as bulky waste items.
Bulky Waste Tips:
     -Set out your bulky waste materials by 7:00 am on your recycling days.
     -Leave an arms length of space between bulky waste and garbage carts and recycling carts.
     -Any bagged items set out will need a $3.00 sticker.
Household hazardous materials such as paint and motor oil, and medical sharps are not bulky waste items.  Household hazardous materials may be dropped off at 5640 Carey Ave. in Davenport.  More info click here.
For a list of accepted items that you may set out on your bulky waste day, click here:
Stormwater Hotline (563) 344-4084
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has issued the renewal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Permit for the discharge of stormwater for the City.  The following control measures are in place for the permit term of March 1, 2009 through February 28, 2014.

Six Minimum Control Measures

A. Public Education and Outreach on Storm Water Impacts
1.  Public School Education The permittee shall make available to schools served by the MS4, and shall encourage the adoption of, educational materials regarding storm water and its impact on water quality.  Each school year the permittee shall contact the school board to determine the status of the program and to ensure the material is still available for use in the classroom.
The educational materials shall be provided by the Public Works Department and shall be made available throughout the duration of the permit.
2.  General Storm Water Education Brochure - An informational brochure shall be distributed to residents served by the MS4.  The brochure shall present information regarding storm water impacts on water quality and measures residents can implement to reduce water quality degradation from storm water.  Additional information shall be included in the brochure as appropriate.
The brochure shall be distributed at least once every two calendar years by the Public Works Department for the duration of the permit.
3.  Storm Water Educational Videotapes - Three educational videotapes or DVDs shall continue to be made available which discuss impacts of storm water on water quality and measures residents can implement to reduce water quality degradation from storm water.  The information shall be updated as appropriate.
The videos shall be run on the permittee's cable television channel at least once each calendar quarter for the duration of the permit.  They shall be aired by the Public Affairs or Public Information Department.
4.  Information Sessions for Residents - Ward-level information sessions shall be conducted for residents served by the MS4 in which storm water concerns shall be discussed and information regarding storm water quality and impacts shall be provided.
The sessions shall be conducted in each ward at least once each calendar year for the duration of the permit and are to be administered by the Public Works Department.
5.  Website - The permittee's website shall contain information regarding storm water impacts on water quality, measures residents can implement to reduce pollutants in storm water, regulations, current local topics and links to other relevent websites.  A form for reporting storm water complaints shall be provided on the website.  The website shall be updated with new information as appropriate.
The website shall be maintained by the Public Works Department for the duration of the permit.
6.  Brochure Describing Funding Mechanism -  A brochure in which the establishment, calculation and distribution of storm water utility fees for administration of the programs needed for compliance with the permit shall be distributed to new customers of the municipal utilities.
The brochures shall be distributed to new customers for the duration of the permit.
7.  Post-construction runoff BMP Manual - A manual describing BMPs which provides guidance for managing storm water from new development and areas of
re-development shall be provided on the website and updated as necessary.
The manual shall be provided for the duration of the permit.
B.  Public Involvement and Participation
The permittee shall continue implementing a public involvement and participation program that includes the following:
1.  Water Quality Monitoring - The permittee shall supply two individuals to serve onthe steering committee for the organization Partners of Scott County Watersheds.  The permittee shall work with water quality monitoring groups to determine pollutant concentrations in storm water and receiving streams.  The data from the monitoring shall be made available to the members of the public and to the Department as requested.
The monitoring activities are to be conducted twice each year for the duration of the permit.
2.  Stream Restoration Activities - The permittee shall sponsor stream restoration activities to remove refuse from local waterways.  The permittee shall work with local groups andnotify the public about these events.
Cleanup activities shall be sponsored by the Public Works Department at least once each calendar year for the duration of the permit.
3.  Stakeholders Group - The permittee shall continue moderating a stakeholders group to participate in decision making, holding public hearings and working with volunteer groups.  Business representatives, developers, homeowners, members of environmental groups and members of the public at large shall be allowed to participate, if interested.  However, the permittee may place reasonable limits on the total number of individuals participating in the group.
The group shall be established by the Public Works Department and meetings held twice each calendar year for the duration of the permit.
4.  Storm Drain Stenciling - The permittee shall continue organizing volunteer groups who shall stencil or otherwise mark storm water inlets to remind individuals that dumping non-storm water materials into the inlets is prohibited.  The stencils or stickers shall be provided by the permittee.
The groups shall be organized and supplied by the Public Works Department and a minimum of 500 storm water inlet structures shall be marked each calendar year for the duration of the permit or until all inlet structures are legibly marked.  The markings shall be re-applied as needed to maintain legibility.
C.  Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
The permittee shall continue implementing and enforcing a discharge detection and elimination program that includes the following:
1.  Illicit Discharge Prohibition Ordinance - An ordinance shall continue to be implemented and amended as necessary by the permittee that prohibits anything other than storm water, allowable non-storm water and pollutants for which an NPDES permit has been issued and when the discharge is in compliance with the permit from entering the MS4.  The ordinance shall include language that enables the permittee to inspect private property if an illicit discharge is suspected and penalties for non-compliance.
The ordinance shall be enforced by the permittee for the duration of the permit.
2.  Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Progam - A program shall continue to be implemented to identify and eliminate illicit discharge to the MS4.  The program shall include annual dry weather flow inspections of all outfalls not already inspected since flows from newly developed or re-developed areas have been discharged from the outfalls, sampling and analysis of dry weather flows, procedures to identify the sources of the dry weather flow and procedures for disconnecting illicit connections.  Records shall be kept of when inspections are performed, the results of the inspections and measures taken to identify and, when appropriate, eliminate the sources of any dry weather flows.  The plan shall be evaluated annually to assess the effectiveness of the program and any necessary changes made.  All illicit discharges found must be eliminated no more than 21 days after discovery, the permittee shall submit to the Department the reasons why the discharge cannot be eliminated within 21 days of discovery.    If it is not possible to eliminate an illicit discharge within 21 days of discovery, the permittee shall submit to the Department the reasons why the discharge cannot be eliminated within 21 days of discovery and a plan which contains a timeline of activities which will result in the elimination of the discharge.  This statement and plan shall be submitted within 21 days of discovery of the illicit discharge.  If the Department does not approve the plan, the permittee will then be required to eliminate the discharge no later than a date specified by the Department.  All illicit discharges shall be reported to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources no later than the end of the first business day after the day of the discovery.
The plan shall continue to be implemented by the permittee for the duration of the permit.
D.  Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control
The permittee shall continue implementing and enforcing a construction site storm water runoff control program to reduce pollutants in any storm water runoff from construction activities for which storm water permit coverage is required and that includes the following:
1.  Construction Site Runoff Control Ordinance - An ordinance shall be amended as needed and enforced on all sites for which NPDES permits are required that requires proper soil erosion and sediment control.  This ordinance shall also address waste at construction sites that may cause adverse impacts to water quality such as building materials, concrete truck washout, chemicals, solid waste and sanitary waste.   Authority to issue an order to terminate activities due to failure to implement or maintain compliance inspections and penatlites for non-compliance shall be included.  The ordinance shall require site plan and pollution prevention plan review and approval by the permittee prior to issuance of any permits fo rthe site by the permittee.  The ordinace shall require compliance with the Department's Storm Water General Permit No. 2.
The ordinance shall be enforced for the duration of the permit.
2.  Construction Site Review and Inspection Program - The permittee shall require site plan and pollution prevention plan reveiw and approval by the permittee prior to issuance of any permits for thesite by the permittee for construction activities for which an NPDES permit is required.  The program shall require compliance with the Department's Storm Water General Permit No. 2 and inspections by the permittee of all sites for which coverage under General Permit No. 2 is required.  The program shall require each of these sites be inspected by the permittee at least once each calendar year and as complaints are received.
The program shall be fully implemented by the permittee for the remainder of the duration of the permit.
E.  Post-Construction Storm Water Management
1.  Post-construction Site Runoff Control Ordinance - An ordinance shall be amended as necessary and enforced which prohibits storm water runoff from areas developed or re-developed from exceeding runoff prior to development.
The ordinance shall be enforced for the duration of the permit.
2.  Inspection of Runoff control Devices - Storm water control devices and structures shall be inspected and reviewed for proper maintenance.  Educational materials shall be made available to landowners which outline proper maintenance procedures.  The permittee shall properly maintain its own control devices and structures.
3.  Watershed Assessment Program - A watershed assessment program and comprehensive land use plan shall continue to be implemented which outlines measures to be implemented which reduce flooding, reduce erosion in ditches and streams, improve water quality and reduce degradation of habitat for fish and wildlife.  The permittee shall implement the program whenever possible to meet these goals.
The program shall be implemented by the Public Works Department for the duration of the permit.
4.  Site Plan Review of Post-Construction Runoff Controls - The permittee shall continue to implement procedures and acceptance criteria for review of post-construction runoff controls for all construction sites for which coverage under NPDES storm water permits are required.  The permittee shall not allow construction activities to commence until the plans for post-construction runoff controls have been reviewed and approved.
The program shall be implemented for the duration of the permit.
F.  Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping
The permittee shall continue implementing an operation and maintenance program, including a training component, that shall prevent or reduce pollutant runoff from municipal operations and that shall include the following:
1.  Removing Street Debris - A program shall continue to be implemented for cleaning storm drains and street sweeping.  Debris from ditches, storm sewers, culverts, catch basins, detention basins and retention basins shall be removed as complaints are received and any time unusually large accumulations of debris occur.
The program shall continue to be implemented by the Public Works Department for the duration of the permit.
2.  Pesticide and Fertilizer Management Program - A pesticide and fertilizer management program shall continue to be implemented and enforced which shall reduce pollutant discharge associated with storage, application and disposal of pesticides and fertilizers for municipal operations.  The program shall identify all entities that apply pesticides and fertilizers, require that application of these chemicals be applied by properly trained individuals, require training on management techniques addressing storage, application and disposal.  Data regarding the application rates of pesticides and fertilizers shall be gathered and evaluated to determine if lower rates would be equally effective.  Shoult it be determined that lower application rates would be equally or nearly as effective it shall be required that the lower rates be applied.
The program shall be implemented by the Parks and Recreation Department for the duration of the permit.
3.  Training Program for Municipal Employees - The permittee shall continue implementing an operations manual and program for training municipal employees regarding practices to be implemented in city operations to reduce pollutants in storm water.
The program shall be implemented by the Public Works Department for the duration of the permit.
Which Bus Goes Where?
Each bus displays two lighted destination signs - one above the front windshield and one on the curbside of the bus. These signs identify the route by number (1 - 3), color (red, blue, purple).
Getting on the Bus
Place EXACT FARE in the fare box OR show the punch pass, bus pass or discount-fare card to the driver when boarding. Drivers do NOT make change and fare-boxes do not give change. As a courtesy, please keep the front seats available for handicapped and senior passengers.
Buses may be boarded at any point along a bus route; wait at back of curb on the passenger side of the street. When the bus comes into view, signal to the driver the intention to board by waving.
Getting off the Bus
If a destination is not a scheduled bus stop, let the driver know a desire to get off the bus by pulling the cord above the windows ONE BLOCK PRIOR to the desired stopping location. Please remain seated until the bus has completely stopped. After exiting, stand on the side of the road or sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. Please, NEVER cross in front of the bus!

City Ward Boundaries and Precinct Maps

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view maps. If you have problems reading street names
Adobe Acrobat allows you to zoom in.

Get Acrobat Reader

City Ward Boundaries
To search by address to find Alderman, Ward, election and other information, click here.
Ward 1 Precinct 1 - Waterfront Convention Center, 2021 State Street
Ward 1 Precinct 2 - Mississippi Bend AEA, 729 21st Street
Ward 2 Precinct 1 - Cross Point Church, 1330 Spruce Hills Drive
Ward 2 Precinct 2 - Hope Baptist Church, 1642 Tanglefoot Lane
Ward 2 Precinct 3 - Bettendorf Public Library, 2950 Learning Campus Drive
Ward 3 Precinct 1 - First Baptist Church, 3593 Middle Road
Ward 3 Precinct 2 - Bettendorf Public Library, 2950 Learning Campus Drive
Ward 4 Precinct 1 - Bettendorf Family Y, 3800 Tanglefoot Lane
Ward 4 Precinct 2 - St John Vianney Church, 4097 18th Street
Ward 5 Precinct 1 - Tanglewood Hills Pavilion, 4250 Middle Road
Ward 5 Precinct 2 - Surrey Heights Fire Station, 5002 Crow Creek Road

Click here to visit the Scott County Auditor for more election information.

Our Mission:
To provide exceptional and safe aquatic experiences for all.
Season Passes, Discount Coupons and Lap Pool Passes will be available beginning May 1st at the Life Fitness Center
2018 Prices:
Early bird coupons will again be $24.00 for a 5 admission sheet of coupons.
Summer Pool Passes:
Resident Single- $80.00
Resident Family - $260.00
Non-Resident Single - $110.00
Non-Resident Family - $340.00
Individual Day Care Provider Pass (1 per family) Resident $50.00
Individual Day Care Provider pass (1 per family) Non-resident $75.00
Lap Pool Passes will be $40.00 for LFC members and $60.00 for non-members
The Engineering Division of Public Works provides geographical information to all parties.  Aerial photographs are available in various scales.  Maps showing the location of underground items such as storm and sanitary sewer lines are also available on a walk-in basis.  There is a nominal charge for producing these documents.  It depends on the size and number requested.  Copies of plats and site plans are also available on the same basis.  The City has no records available for other utilities such as water, electric and gas.  These may be available through the individual utility company.

What is the purpose of the Citizen Police Academy?

Policing is not just the work of police officers; On the contrary, the police cannot do the job by themselves.  It takes the cooperation of citizens like you for the police department to be effective.  Years ago, the phrase "The Thin Blue Line" was used to describe the police as the only protection between order and chaos.  The thought among many police officers was "Us against them". Neither of these thoughts is valid.  With most police agencies adopting community policing philosophies, the emphasis is on cooperation and problem solving.  Work together is the only way to identity problems and fine solutions.


What is the Citizen Police Academy?

The Citizen Police Academy is a nine week program designed to give each participant a basic knowledge of how their police department operates.  Instructions will be given by police officers with topical expertise, from the various agencies involved in the program.  The sessions are information and questions are encouraged.  Each participant will have the opportunity to shoot a police issued hand gun, tour the Scott County Jail, and witness police work first hand during a ride along with an off-duty officer.

What are the benefits of the Citizen Police Academy?

Citizen and police officers have an opportunity to work closely together and exchange views and ideas.  Citizens gain a better understanding of how their police department works.  Citizens can better appreciate how the criminal justice system works and be aware of the restrictions the police deal with citizens can see first hand how their tax dollars are being spent.  Crime can be reduced by cooperation between citizens and the police department.

Who can attend?

Persons who apply for sponsorship in the Iowa Quad Cities Police Department Citizen Academy must be at least 18 years old, and live in the Iowa Quad Cities metro area.  Applicants will be subjects to a background and criminal history check.

Located in the south eastern region of Iowa, Bettendorf is a convenient 10 minuted drive from the Quad City International Airport and both Interstate 80 and Interstate 74 run through the city.  Bettendorf, Iowa is part of a large metro area called The Quad Cities which centers around the Mississippi River.  With a population of 400,000+, the riverfront towns of Bettendorf and Davenport in Iowa and Moline and Rock Island in Illinois have so much to offer visitors and residents.  Below is a listing for the hotels located in Bettendorf.

The Hilton Garden Inn opened in 2015 and offers food and drinks in their Garden Grille & Bar but also shares a parking lot with Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, and other shopping venues.

Bettendorf is home to the largest hotel in Iowa!  The Isle Casino and Hotel offers 500 rooms, 4 dining experiences, shows and entertainment, and a brand new gaming floor which opened Summer of 2016.

Courtyard by Marriott is dedicated to being one of the best Quad Cities hotels for both business and leisure travelers.

Ramada Bettendorf sits directly off Interstate 74 and has rooms that have been designed with your comfort in mind.

Econo Lodge Inn & Suites is located off Interstate 74 and is pet-friendly and affordable.

Public Information Records Requests should be directed to the City Clerk at:
Decker Ploehn
In-Depth Sector Analysis
To provide accurate and timely financial management guidance and services to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator and all department heads for budget preparation, budget manangement and measurement
of the financial perfomance of the City.
Fire Department Logo
Fire Department Divisions
The City of Bettendorf Fire Department is organized into six divisions:


volleyball clip art

Players may not participate without a signed parental waiver form on file at the Community Center. Players may be added to a team during the season as long as they turn in a signed waiver form before they play.The team coaches are responsible for making sure this is done.

Matches will be at the Herbert D Goettsch Community Center (2204 Grant Street, Bettendorf).

To provide recreational opportunities that enrich the quality of life for all.


Unless otherwise noted, all parks have restroom facilities.
All reservable shelters have grills and electricity.
To reserve a shelter call 563-344-4113.
Crow Creek Park - 4800 N. Devils Glen Rd.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Dog Park
Dek Hockey Facility
Skate and Bike Park
Cross Country Trail
Recreation Trail
Adult and Youth Softball, Baseball and Soccer Fields
Playground Areas
Six Picnic Shelters - 2 are reservable.
eagles Landing
Eagles Landing Park/Boat Launch, 2731 - 62nd Street Court.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Boat Launch
Picnic Shelter - Grill.
Devils Glen Park,1101 Devils Glen Rd.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities include:
Little League Ball Field
Access to Duck Creek Recreation Trail
Disc Golf Course Devils Glen(map)
Three Picnic Shelters - 1 is reservable.
All 3 have grills and electricity.
Field Sike Park
Field Sike Park, 3000 Field Sike Drive.
Amenities Include:
Playground Equipment
Picnic shelter - Grill.
McManus Park, 1200 Mississippi Blvd.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Basketball Court
Double Playground - 1 is handicapped accessible
Three Picnic Shelters - 2 are reservable.
All 3 have grills.
Lincoln Park, 951 - 27th Street.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Access to Recreation Trai
Playground Equipment
Picnic shelter - no grill or electricity.
Currently NO RESTROOM.
Middle Park, 2220 - 23rd Street.
Virtual Tour -Click Here
Amenities Include:
Splash Landing City Pool
Centennial Garden
Baseball and Recreation Field
Lagoon Pond - 2098 Parkway Drive
Access to Duck Creek Recreation Trail
Disc Golf Course MiddlePark(map)
Playground Equipment
Picnic Shelter 
Friendship Park, 5038 Whitepost Road.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Sand Volleyball Courts
Playground Equipment
Shelter - Grill, no electricity.
Currently NO RESTROOM.
Vet's memorial
Veterans Memorial Park 1645 - 23rd Street
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Youth Softball and Soccer Fields
Sand Volleyball Courts
Bill Bowe Bandshell Stage
Access to Duck Creek Recreation Trail
Playground Equipment
One large picnic shelter - reservable.
Leach Park, 100 - 12th Street.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Boat Launch
Riverfront Recreation Trail
Two picnic shelters with grills. Large one - electricity.
Edgewood Park, 1400 23rd Street.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Youth Baseball Field
Basketball Courts
Tennis Courts
Playground Equipment
Picnic Shelter - grill and electricity.
Ed Scheck Park, 4792 Mayfield Drive.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Youth Baseball Field
Playground Equipment
Shelter - Grills and electricity
Hoover Park
Hoover Park, 3223 S Hampton Drive.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Youth Baseball Field
Basketball Courts
Tennis Courts
Playground Equipment
Picnic Shelter - grills, no electricity.
Pigeon Creek
Pigeon Creek Park,7001 Shutters Lane.
Virtual Tour - click here
Amenities Include:
Fishing Allowed
Picnic Tables (no shelter)
McLamarrah Park, 4100 Pinebrook Lane.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Picnic Tables (no shelter)
Fishing is allowed.
No Restroom.
Hollowview Park, 1700 Hollowview Drive
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Access to Recreation Trail
Picnic Tables /Shelter
Playground Equipment
Meier Park, 611 Holmes Street.
Virtual Tour - click here
Amenities Include:
Youth Baseball Field
Basketball Courts
Tennis Courts
Playground Equipment
Picnic Shelter - Grill, no electricity.
Sunny Crest Park, 2204 Grant Street.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Basketball Court
Playground Equipment
Picnic Shelter - no grill or electricity
Kiwanis Park, 4223 Greenbrier Street.
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Amenities Include:
Youth Baseball Field
Basketball Courts
Tennis Courts
Recreation Trail
Playground Equipment
Picnic Shelter - Grill and Electricity
The shelter is reservable,
Optimist Park, 1130 Belair Street.
Amenities Include:
Playground Equipment
Picnic Shelter - Grill, no electricity
Currently NO RESTROOM.


Wessel Park
Virtual Tour - Click Here
Wessel is what is called a "passive usage" space. The playground and basketball court are gone. Bio-swales and rain gardens accompany a path through this green space.
Facilities Suitable for Weddings
We have several locations that people have used for wedding ceremonies.
Among the most popular:
The Centennial Garden at Middle Park
The Riverfront in Leach Park
The Gazebo near the Quarry in Crow Creek Park.
The Main Overlook at the Quarry in Crow Creek Park.
The Gazebo at Eagle's Landing Park.
The Middle Park Lagoon Shelter.
Click Here for our policies concerning Weddings in our parks.
The wedding policy is near the bottom of that page.
You can also go to Special Event Policy for a more thorough explanation of special events.
Disc Golf Course Maps:
Devils Glen
Check out the Locations & Facilities Directory

To provide recreational opportunities that enrich the quality of life for all.

You can be issued a citation if your dog is not licensed with the City?  Several times a year, someone comes in to get a license because their dog was picked up running loose and was not registered with the City of Bettendorf.  It costs only $3.00 to get a license if your dog is spayed or neutered and $25.00 if your pet is not altered.  Licenses can be purchased at City Hall 1609 State Street or at the City Hall Annex 4403 Devils Glen Road with proof that their shots are up to date.  Verification that the dog is spayed or neutered is required to get the lower fee.


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Dog Park


The Crow Creek Dog Park is located in Crow Creek Park at 4800 N Devils Glen Road, on the north end of the park across from Softball Field #3. With the addition of The Spott for old, timid and tiny dogs, it provides almost 7 acres of fenced, safe space for dogs to run and play off leash. Enter from the Devils Glen Road main entrance. Turn left at the "T" when you get into the park and follow the road around.

The Spott Header
(Small Park for the Old Timid and Tiny)
All dogs EITHER:
1. Under 25 pounds.
2. Over (or under) 25 pounds, but very timid.
3. Over (or under) 25 pounds, but older and not up to vigorous activity.
Dogs that fall into these categories are invited to use either park. They are NOT restricted to "The Spott"
Find The Spott to the east and slightly above the original dog park. 
*SIZE - 4.05 ACRES
Crow Creek Dog Park Rules

These rules are established to promote a safe and positive environment in the Dog Park.