City of Bettendorf, Iowa

A premier city.

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12/29/2013 unknown Domestic Disturbance in Bettendorf 1874   Details icon
12/23/2013 unknown Library Holds Garage Sale 1581   Details icon
11/01/2013 unknown Veteran's Day Holiday Schedule 1558   Details icon
10/22/2013 unknown Ribbon Cutting Ceremony For Newest Section Of The Crow Creek Recreation Trail 639   Details icon
10/07/2013 unknown 2013 Full Depth Patching - Hwy 67 (State Street and Grant Street) 1655   Details icon
10/02/2013 unknown City of Bettendorf Closes Leaf Drop-off Under the I-74 Bridge 1811   Details icon
10/01/2013 unknown Healthiest State Walk 2023   Details icon
09/30/2013 unknown 23rd Street Full Depth Patching 1685   Details icon
09/19/2013 unknown Police Make an Arrest in the Donation Box Theft 703   Details icon
09/19/2013 unknown Dogtoberfest 1098   Details icon
09/15/2013 unknown Belmont Road Separated Trail 1000   Details icon
09/11/2013 unknown Fire Investigation/Methamphetamine Manufacturing Warrants/Arrests 1542   Details icon
08/27/2013 unknown Structure Fire in Bettendorf 731   Details icon
08/23/2013 unknown 3rd Avenue Full Depth Patching and turn lane at Devils Glen Road 706   Details icon
08/22/2013 unknown State Street and Devils Glen Road Sidewalk Reconstruction 760   Details icon
08/22/2013 unknown Police Asking for Assistance in Donation Box Theft 779   Details icon
08/20/2013 unknown Suspect Richard Michael Felton II Apprehended in Bettendorf 2106   Details icon
08/15/2013 unknown Middle Road Recreational Trail 749   Details icon
08/13/2013 unknown Residential Burglaries in Bettendorf 666   Details icon
08/01/2013 unknown Movies in the Park Rescheduled Due to Weather 576   Details icon
07/22/2013 unknown Pedistrian vs Vehicle Accident 660   Details icon
07/10/2013 unknown Tanglewood Lane Closure at Devils Glen Road 707   Details icon
07/10/2013 unknown 18th Street Full Depth Patching 595   Details icon
07/02/2013 unknown Moped vs. Motorcycle 645   Details icon
06/27/2013 unknown Accident on I-74 Off-Ramp Near Spruce Hills Drive 1023   Details icon
06/19/2013 unknown Movies in the Park 993   Details icon
06/18/2013 unknown City Hires Library Director 889   Details icon
06/14/2013 unknown Crow Creek Park Entrance Closed 643   Details icon
06/11/2013 unknown Duck Creek Multi-Use Path - City of Bettendorf 829   Details icon
06/06/2013 unknown Dedication Ceremony for Veterans' Memorial Park Playground 719   Details icon
06/05/2013 unknown 18th Street Reconstruction from Maplecrest Road to Echodale (Change in Start Date) 711   Details icon
05/28/2013 unknown 18th Street Reconstruction and Avalon Drive Drainage 737   Details icon
05/28/2013 unknown 18th Street Reconstruction from Maplecrest Road to Echodale 683   Details icon
05/28/2013 unknown Message to Bettendorf Residents Concerning Flooding Along Duck Creek 1188   Details icon
05/28/2013 unknown Kiwanis Park Ball Field Lights Dedication 897   Details icon
05/20/2013 unknown Memorial Day Holiday Schedule 655   Details icon
05/13/2013 unknown Officer Attack by Dog 649   Details icon
05/12/2013 unknown Public Open House, Mississippi River Trail, Riverdale to County Trail Connection 764   Details icon
05/09/2013 unknown Palmer Hills Opens Driving Range 630   Details icon
05/08/2013 unknown Lane Closures at the Tanglefoot Lane/Utica Ridge Road Intersection 755   Details icon
05/06/2013 unknown Public Works Day 724   Details icon
05/02/2013 unknown 53rd Ave. Bridge Repairs 653   Details icon
05/01/2013 unknown Information Regarding Door to Door Soliciting 1506   Details icon
04/30/2013 unknown Tree Plantings in Bettendorf 804   Details icon
04/26/2013 unknown Celebrate Soil & Water Conservation-There's an APP for that! 982   Details icon
04/23/2013 unknown Bettendorf Open River Drive at 6th Street 637   Details icon
04/15/2013 unknown Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics 678   Details icon
04/12/2013 unknown State St Down to One Lane Due to a Problem with a Water Service Line 687   Details icon
04/12/2013 unknown Arbor Day Planting at High School 602   Details icon
04/11/2013 unknown Firefighters Pancake Breakfast 730   Details icon
Documents 1-50 of 58