City of Bettendorf, Iowa

A premier city.

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12/31/2015 unknown Arrest Made on Active Shooting Incident that Occurred on October 26, 2015 in Davenport and Bettendorf 717   Details icon
12/28/2015 unknown New Year's Holiday Schedule 807   Details icon
12/28/2015 unknown Loop Provides Service on New Year's Eve 722   Details icon
12/16/2015 unknown Attempted Robbery at Bettendorf Bank 759   Details icon
12/16/2015 unknown Arrest Made in Shots Fired Incident 927   Details icon
12/12/2015 unknown Update on Shots Fired in Bettendorf 680   Details icon
12/12/2015 unknown Shots Fired in Bettendorf 850   Details icon
12/03/2015 unknown Armed Robbery in Bettendorf 733   Details icon
11/30/2015 unknown Police Department's Toy Drive 734   Details icon
11/27/2015 unknown Fatal Vehicle Accident in Bettendorf 1001   Details icon
11/21/2015 unknown Residential Structure in Bettendorf 721   Details icon
11/18/2015 unknown Bettendorf is a Bicycle Friendly Community 946   Details icon
11/02/2015 unknown Veterans' Day Schedule 773   Details icon
10/27/2015 unknown Update on Active Shooting Incident in Davenport and Bettendorf 854   Details icon
10/26/2015 unknown Shots Fired in Davenport and Bettendorf 898   Details icon
10/22/2015 pdf Iowa American Water Plans Temporary Treatment Change and Water Main Flushing in the Iowa Quad Cities 1061 201 KB Details icon
10/12/2015 unknown Bettendorf’s No Sticker Yard Waste Pick Up 1072   Details icon
10/01/2015 unknown Charges Filed in Vandalism Reported in Bettendorf 1202   Details icon
09/28/2015 unknown Road Construction Notice: Spruce Hills Drive between 18th Street and Middle Road 859   Details icon
09/25/2015 unknown Crash in 6900 block of Middle Road 1160   Details icon
09/22/2015 unknown Suspects Identified in Vandalism in Bettendorf 944   Details icon
09/21/2015 unknown Vehicle Burglaries, Stolen Vehicles, Residential Burglary Reported in Northwest Bettendorf 904   Details icon
09/21/2015 unknown Vandalism Reported in Bettendorf 966   Details icon
09/17/2015 unknown Bettendorf Announces 2023 Economic Development Plan 998   Details icon
09/11/2015 unknown Accident on I-74 on September 10 909   Details icon
09/02/2015 unknown Public Meeting Notice: Updating Bettendorf Park and Recreation Master Plan 1063   Details icon
09/02/2015 unknown Structure Fire at Chateau Knoll Apartments 1374   Details icon
08/30/2015 unknown Bettendorf Mayor Passes Proclamation Supporting a Healthy Mississippi River 1342   Details icon
08/20/2015 unknown Bettendorf Police Apprehend Parole Absconder from the Residential Correctional Facility 2066   Details icon
08/05/2015 unknown Grant Street Ramp Closes and State Street Ramp Reopens 2071   Details icon
08/05/2015 unknown Bettendorf Receives Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting 2149   Details icon
08/05/2015 unknown Bettendorf Recognized for Performance Management Focus 2176   Details icon
08/03/2015 unknown American Queen Docks in Bettendorf 2895   Details icon
07/27/2015 unknown Dedication Ceremony for Sculptures 1675   Details icon
07/24/2015 unknown Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project Phase 3A - Basins 3 and 14 1739   Details icon
07/24/2015 unknown Sanitary Sewer Rehab Phase 3A 1773   Details icon
07/24/2015 unknown Five Vehicle Accident on I-74 1737   Details icon
07/24/2015 unknown Hav Life and Parks Foundation View Disc Golf Program 1495   Details icon
07/24/2015 unknown Dedication for Chess Tables 1464   Details icon
07/23/2015 unknown New Chess Tables at Bettendorf Parks 1563   Details icon
07/22/2015 unknown Update on The Lodge Hotel and Conference Center’s Code Violations 1326   Details icon
07/20/2015 unknown Road Construction: 23rd Street between State Street and Grant Street 1485   Details icon
07/10/2015 unknown Road Construction Notice: State Street (Hwy 67) from 26th Street to 42nd Street 1000   Details icon
07/07/2015 unknown Palmer Hills Golf Course and Duck Creek Recreation Trail Clean Up 1121   Details icon
07/03/2015 unknown Male Injured While Setting Up for a Holiday Event 1334   Details icon
06/11/2015 unknown Bettendorf's July 3 and July 4 Celebration Information 2356   Details icon
06/11/2015 unknown IA American Replace Water Main 976   Details icon
06/02/2015 unknown Construction on Parkway Drive South of Middle Road 786   Details icon
06/02/2015 unknown Grant Street is Now Open to Traffic 674   Details icon
06/02/2015 unknown Grant Street Closed Due to Gas Leak 710   Details icon
Documents 1-50 of 74