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Residents' Responsibilities During Winter Months

Posted: October 29, 2019

The following information will help residents understand their responsibilities during winter months. For questions concerning responsibilities during winter months, call Public Works at 563-344-4088

The City’s standard for snow/ice control is bare pavement everywhere on public streets within 24 hours following the cessation of snowfall from an average storm of 4-6". Alleys and recreational trails are the last priority and will be accomplished, unless successive snow events require city assets to be employed on main streets continuously.

Residents are encouraged to remove vehicles from streets to allow crews to push snow to the curb. City Code prohibits parking in turnaround areas of cul-de-sacs until snow is cleared.

When clearing driveways, make sure the snow is not pushed into the street. This is covered by City Code and violators can be cited. During snow and ice control procedures by the City, it is common for plowed snow to be pushed and/or thrown back onto sidewalks, driveways, and aprons especially around corners. This unfortunate event results from the need to maintain certain speeds and plow angles to provide efficient and safe snow and ice control. While the City strives to minimize the effects of this thrown snow, it is inherent to snow and ice control activities. Removal of this additional accumulation of material on sidewalks, driveways, or aprons is  the responsibility of the abutting property owner.

The City will repair any turf that is damaged from plowing operations. Damage due to deicing chemicals will not be repaired by the City.

The City will not repair damages to any landscaping (hardscaping, plants, irrigation systems, or accessories such as lighting) that is within the right of way.

City Code requires sidewalks to be cleared of snow and ice within 48 hours of the conclusion of snow event. This means bare surfaces, regardless of how much snow falls or ice accumulates.

Any sidewalk over six feet (6’) wide is the city’s responsibility to clear. Any sidewalk six feet (6’) wide or less is the responsibility of the homeowner. This includes not only sidewalks in front   of the home, but also in the back of the property and beyond a privacy fence that may surround the backyard. Property owners who fail to do this can be cited and the city will do the work by contractor and charge the resident.

For questions concerning responsibilities during winter months, call Public Works at 563-344-4088.