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Bettendorf Health Care Center, Structure Fire

Posted: October 10, 2020

TIME DISPTACHED:              09:32 hours

CAUSE:                                  Currently under investigation

DAMAGE ESTIMATE:            unknown at this time

Bettendorf Fire Rescue responded to a structure fire this morning located at Bettendorf Health Care Center, 2730 Crow Creek Road. The fire was contained to one room in the west wing and was extinguished quickly by the suppression system while firefighters performed rescue operations.  The fire and heat were significant enough to cause flow from both sprinkler heads in the room. 

Eleven occupants of the west wing were evacuated to the outside and then relocated to different rooms within the same facility. One occupant in the west wing was transported to the hospital for evaluation. The west wing is currently closed due to water and smoke damage. Restoration efforts are scheduled to begin today.

Mutual Aid response included:

Davenport Fire Department

Rock Island Arsenal Fire Department

Riverdale Fire Department


Outside Agencies notified of the structure fire:

An inspector and investigator from the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office

Scott County Emergency Management Agency

Scott County Health Department