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School Zone Speed Signage

Posted: August 19, 2019

The City of Bettendorf has begun installation of new radar speed signs at all school zones in the city. Existing electronic signage is being replaced and additional locations will be added during this process. These new signs were selected as they allow varying school calendars, school zone times and speeds to be programmed into them. This feature will ensure that the electronic signage can be turned off and on and is correct based on day of the week/time of day. The Police Department will also have cloud access to data collected by the signs that will provide alerts if vehicles are speeding in specific school zones. 

In the coming months you will see the older white faced signs replaced by the new yellow faced signs. Signs will be replaced and installed as utility work is completed to provide power to them. City staff will limit any downtime during this transition. Much of the older signage is obsolete and at end of life. We have identified locations where older signage that is still in good working order can be deployed to residential areas near existing elementary schools. 

Any questions can be directed to Sgt. Andrew Champion. Phone 563-344-4471 /