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Impact on Traffic QC Marathon (2019)

The Quad Cities Marathon is this coming Sunday, September 22, 2019. The race starts at 7:00 a.m. and road/lane closures will begin shortly before that time. Due to I-74 bridge construction, the route has been altered through the City of Bettendorf. Please be aware of the following changes that will affect traffic in the downtown area of Bettendorf.

Runners will be crossing from Moline into Bettendorf via the Illinois bound I-74 east bridge span. Runners will be using one lane and other lane will remain open for vehicles. Vehicles will be able cross into Illinois on I-74 in the one lane under reduced speeds. This alternate route permits the I-74 west detour to remain fully open.

Motorists traveling east on I-74 east who need to exit into Bettendorf are encouraged to use the Middle Road or prior exits. Access to the last Iowa exit will be very limited and a closure is likely to prevent traffic backups. Vehicles that are able use the last Iowa exit will have additional delays, as runners will be utilizing Kimberly Road at the base of the exit ramp.

Delays will occur at the intersection of Grant St @ 12th Street/Kimberly Road near Village Inn as runners proceed north onto Kimberly Road. Runners will continue through Bettendorf via Kimberly Road, Lincoln Road and 18th Street. The runners will enter the downtown area again at the intersection of Grant Street and 18th Street. Lengthy delays will occur again at the intersections of 18th Street and Grant Street, 18th and State Street and 17th Street and State Street.

Officers will be working to allow motorists through when possible. However, due to the number of participants on the roadways it is simply not possible to get vehicles through during the peak of the event. Motorists are strongly encouraged to plan and find alternate routes Sunday morning.