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Bettendorf Landlord Assistance Screening Tenants Information

The Bettendorf Police Department has implemented a new program for rental property owners and landlords in Bettendorf. The program is called BLAST which stands for (Bettendorf Landlord Assistance Screening Tenants). Volunteers from the Quad Cities Citizen's Police Academy Alumni group have been trained and will be performing rental application background checks free of charge to any Bettendorf rental property owner or landlord. This is a voluntary program designed to establish cooperation between law enforcement and rental property owners/landlords in working together to promote a safe environment for all residents of Bettendorf.

The information from the rental application background check is provided at the request of the property manager or landlord. The rental property manager or landlord must understand that the decision to rent is the landlord's SOLE decision. The City of Bettendorf is not an agent of the landlord, nor does it guarantee or warrant the character or suitability of a tenant. The Bettendorf Police Department and/or its agents are simply providing the information requested.

If you are interested in using this free service, click on the link below to print out a form.

Bettendorf Rental Application Background Check Form

Rental application forms can be faxed to the Bettendorf Police Department at 563-344-4133. Typically, background investigations will be completed within five business days and information returned to the requestor by fax.  The Bettendorf Police Department cannot accept applications and background checks via email.

Rental property owners or landlords who would like more information about eviction processes, please visit the Scott County Sheriff's Office website at