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Celebrate Soil & Water Conservation-There's an APP for that!

April 26, 2013

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Day has come and gone. However, environmental stewardship is just getting started this spring as we celebrate Soil and Water Conservation Week April 28 - May 2, 2013.

Technology is a great way to celebrate and two new apps help you understand current conditions of water quality and flooding in Iowa. One of the apps has been developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the other has been developed by the Iowa Flood Center; both are free to download.

The first is "How's My Waterway?" developed by the Environmental Protection Agency. This app allows you to learn the condition of local streams, lakes and other waters anywhere in the US... quickly and in plain language. See if your local waterway was checked for pollution, what was found, and what is being done. The source of this information is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) database of State water quality monitoring reports provided under the Clean Water Act. It can be found at:

The second is "Iowa Flood Information System" developed by the Iowa Flood Center. This app is a "one-stop" interactive web-platform to access community-based flood conditions, forecasts, visualizations, inundation maps and flood-related data, information, and applications. It provides current outlooks, a 5 day forecast and seasonal forecast for flooding.

It can be found at:

In each instance, stormwater runoff is the source of both polluted water and flooding. There are many best management practices you can adopt to prevent both. One practice to consider in celebration of Soil and Water Conservation Week is to "Rainscape" your lawn by converting Kentucky blue grass lawn to a native turf seed blend. The native turf lawn produces deeper roots and is drought resistant thus better able to withstand the heat of an Iowa summer.

To learn more about doing more to improve and protect water quality visit the City of Bettendorf's website at and