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Information Regarding Door to Door Soliciting

May 1, 2013

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As the weather turns warmer, Bettendorf residents may see an increase in door to door soliciting. According to the Bettendorf City Code, not all solicitors need a city issued license.

The Bettendorf City Code does require that transient merchants obtain a license before they are able to make door to door sales calls. A transient merchant is defined as someone who offers tangible personal property or personal services for sale, or who takes orders for the sale of personal property or services. Door to door solicitors, however, are not required to obtain a license if they are soliciting funds for religious, charitable, or political reasons. These types of activities are considered protected speech under the 1st Amendment and are not subject to regulation.

Remember these simple suggestions:

- Never allow or invite a solicitor into your home. They can conduct their business on the step without exposing you and your family to unnecessary risk.

-Avoid giving personal or financial information to anyone you do not know, at the door, in the mail, and online.

-If a door to door solicitor is selling a product without a license or is aggressive and makes you uncomfortable, call 911 and provide police with the description and direction of travel the solicitor has taken.