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Officer Attack by Dog

May 13, 2013

On Saturday, May 11 at approximately 2:27 p.m., Bettendorf police responded to a call of two Pit Bulls running loose in the 2900 block of Harmony Drive. A homeowner on Harmony Drive observed the dogs in their yard and called the police. At one point, the dogs tried to get into the house where children and other pets were present. The dogs, which appeared to be a Pit Bull mix, had no collars or tags. When the officers arrived, the homeowner had the dogs blocked off on the back deck with deck chairs. The owner of the dogs also arrived on scene. As the owner was trying to put a harness on one of the dogs, the other dog ran past her. The officer tried to block the dog's path to keep it contained. The dog then jumped at the officer, snapping its teeth. The officer brushed the dog away with his arm and the dog attacked again, jumping and snapping at the officer's face. The officer kicked the dog away, at which time the dog bit his shin, causing minor lacerations. The officer removed his gun and fired at the dog twice. The dog was approximately two feet away when the officer fired in a downward direction.

The officer was treated and released from Trinity at Terrace Park.

The dog was taken to the Animal Emergency Center in Bettendorf, where it later died.

The incident is under investigation.