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Bettendorf Senior Card Club

POSTED: October 19, 2016

The Bettendorf Senior Card Club celebrated its 55th anniversary on October 11, thanks to the Bettendorf Parks and Recreation Department.

The club is special because of its pleasant and welcoming members. Each week refreshments are served while members play a friendly game of 500 or Euchre. Every month birthdays are celebrated and once a month there is a potluck with homemade favorites. The Bettendorf Park Board sponsors the club and its events including pizza parties and day trips.

The Bettendorf Seniors Card Club meets at the Herbert Goettsch Community Center, 2204 Grant Street, on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 12:00-3:00 p.m. They currently have over 39 members and always welcome new people. The club has served Quad City seniors for many years. It actually has several active members that are in their 100’s.

For more information or to become a member, contact Ruth MacDonald at 563-508-7830 or Scott at 563-344-4112.