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Fire Department Volunteer Job Description

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 Job Description: Volunteer Firefighter


Serves with the company (i.e. Engine, Rescue, Truck, Haz Mat) to which assigned. Performs routine work functions and special projects. Is familiar with up-to-date physical condition in the City. Is proficient in the operation and use of apparatus and equipment to which assigned. Responds to incidents in a safe, controlled fashion. Provides feedback to officer through proper communication channels. Participates in on-going training and orientation.


  1. Shall serve as a company member on the assigned apparatus, fulfilling the duties, assignments, and tasks assigned to the apparatus company function.

  2. Shall perform all routine work functions, tasks and special projects to which assigned.

  3. Shall participate in on-going training, orientation and critique to ensure proficient response to, use and effective application of apparatus, equipment standard operating procedures and incident operation.

  4. Shall be responsible for the proper use, application, maintenance, care, clean up and appearance of equipment, apparatus and station to which assigned. Reports needed repairs, replacements or adjustments to apparatus and equipment immediately to assigned lieutenant or station captain in lieutenants' absence.

  5. Shall perform all tasks and functions before, during and after incidents in accordance with the Department's standard operating procedures, rules and regulations.

  6. Be thoroughly proficient in the operation and use of apparatus and equipment to which assigned and to operate this apparatus and equipment in a manner to best perform the functions for which assigned and not exceed it's designed limitations.

  7. Be familiar with the up-to-date physical conditions that may be encountered within the assigned response area; i.e. streets, buildings, hydrants, static water sources and fixed fire protection systems.

  8. Responds to incidents, uses equipment and performs operations in a safe manner following standard operating procedures and rules and regulations. In the event of a line of duty injury, or vehicle accident/damage, immediately reports to shift lieutenant.

  9. Display knowledge and proficiency in the proper use and application of radio communications.

  10. Completes all reports, personnel response check-offs and records after each response.

  11. Keep constantly appraised of equipment status and location of apparatus. Perform an inventory check of on-board equipment after each incident prior to clearing apparatus from scene.

  12. Complies with all applicable traffic laws of the State of Iowa while maintaining safe response at speeds appropriate to road, traffic and weather conditions.

  13. Provides feedback through verbal and written communication to the shift lieutenant on routine and emergency operational observations, ideas and concerns.


Education: Requires a level of knowledge normally acquired through the successful completion of high school, or an equivalent GED certification. Requires certification in the State of Iowa as a Firefighter 1 and a minimum of American Heart Association CPR certification. A minimum of First Responder is preferred.
Experience: Requires a basic mechanical ability and aptitude. Clerical abilities must be sufficient to complete forms and reports. Requires a valid operator's license.
Analytical Abilities: Requires the ability to analyze the potential threat to life and property in emergency situations.
Working Conditions: Requires work to be performed within the fire station environment, but occasionally works outdoors in a life threatening, hostile environment during emergency operations. Fire station duties may require heavy lifting, and physical and mechanical work. Works closely with both paid and volunteer personnel.


  1. Reports to: Company Lieutenant
  2. Supervises: Job is not responsible for the supervision of other employees.