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Fire Department Essential Job Functions

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Essential Job Functions

Be prepared and respond to emergency fire and/or medical situations.


  1. Safely driving fire apparatus/other emergency vehicles
  2. Visually assess the emergency scene and request additional assistance when necessary
  3. Proper use and monitoring of firefighting equipment and tools
  4. Performing rescue activities
  5. Performing clean up and salvage activities
  6. Verbally communicate with others in person, by telephone or via two-way radio
  7. Understand and follow orders
  8. Provide emergency medical services at First Responder level (EMT for paid personnel)
  9. Perform Haz Mat First Responder duties at "Operations Level"
  10. Wear required personal protective equipment including SCBA
  11. Utilize personnel accountability system and/or Incident Command System
  12. Assist in on-site control including traffic control, calming distraught persons
  13. Prepare accurate reports as required
  14. Function as a member of the team and as an individual