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Fire Department Recruitment Process

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  1. Applicant completes an application form and submits to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  2. Pass the physical agility test, scheduled by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  3. Oral interview, scheduled and conducted by the Volunteer Coordinator.
    1. If there are no positions available, candidates are placed on a list, which is good for one year.
  4. Reference check and background/ criminal history study conducted by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  5. Volunteer Coordinator offers an appointment offer as a Candidate Firefighter.
  6. Candidate begins recruit firefighter class; class times and dates will be scheduled by the Training Coordinator.
  7. Appointed as a Recruit Firefighter for a 90-day period or completion of the Recruit class.
  8. Schedule a medical screening and physical exam with Work Fitness Center, prior to the hands-on sessions of the recruit class begin, as directed by the Volunteer Coordinator.
  9. The medical examination is provided by the Department.
  10. Upon successful completion of the medical screening and physical exam, the recruit may then continue with the recruit class.
  11. The Recruit Firefighter is then issued a pager.
  12. Successfully pass the Recruit Firefighter class practical and final exams and schedule and pass the Iowa Firefighter I state test within one year.
  13. Recruit Firefighters will remain on probation until receiving their FF I certification.
  14. Upon completion of a 12 month probationary period and obtaining the FF I certification, the recruit will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator, Chief and Training Coordinator to determine if they will be promoted to the status of Active Firefighter, or have the probationary period extended, or be dismissed from the Department.