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Dog Park Rules

The Dog Park is open daily from dawn until dusk unless closed for maintenance.


Sports activities, dog training, children's recreation, and business uses are prohibited.


Dogs must be in view and under the control of their handlers at all times.  All handlers must be at least 16 years of age.  Each handler must have a leash in hand at all times.


No more than 2 dogs per handler are permitted in the park on any one visit.  Dogs cannot be left alone in the Dog Park.


Dogs must wear collars with current vaccination tags and city dog licenses attached. (Dog Licenses are available at City Hall, 1609 State Street Bettendorf.


Puppies under 5 months of age and female dogs in heat are prohibited from the park.


Owners are required to pick up and dispose of your dog's waste.


Dogs must be on a leash when they are outside of the Dog Park.


Remove and apply leashes while your dog is in the staging area.  Please do not enter the play area with your dog on-leash.


Children under four feet in height are not permitted in the Dog Park.  Children under 16 years of age must be closely supervised by an adult.


Dogs that consistently exhibit dominant aggressive behavior, dogs that regularly do not come when called, dogs that play too roughly, and dogs that cannot control their barking must be removed from the park immediately and without debate.  Owners are required to stop their dog from digging and are responsible for filling any holes their pet creates.


Smoking is not allowed in the Dog Park. (Tobacco products are hazardous to canine health.)


The following items are prohibited in the Dog Park:

       Bicycles, skates, rollerblades

       Strollers, baby carriages

       Children's toys

       Dog treats and rawhides

       Food (dog and human)

       Glass Bottles

       Prong or Spike collars.


The use of the facility is at the participant's sole risk.  The Dog Park is unsupervised and the City cannot control the behavior of any one animal at any one time


Please contact the Bettendorf Parks and Recreation Department with any questions or suggestions at 563-344-4113 or visit .

Please contact the Bettendorf Police at their non-emergency number 563-344-4015 for any non-emergency rules violations