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Members Receive Medal of Valor

Bettendorf Fire Rescue Members Receive Medal of Valor

At the September 18th City Council meeting, Lt. Steve Kingsley and Lt. Jeff Green received the Medal of Valor for their actions on May 21st, 2012.


On May 21st, 2012, members of Bettendorf Fire Rescue were at the Crow Creek Quarry setting up props, simulated victims, and staging equipment for rope rescue training. There were five men, around 20 years of age, swimming and jumping from a small cliff when they arrived. A few minutes later, two of the men jumped from the cliff into the water. They swam about half way between the dock and the cliff area, approximately 50 feet from shore, when one of the two started to struggle to swim. He yelled for help a couple times as he would resurface. Without due regard for their own safety, or typical equipment necessary for water rescues, Lt. Kingsley and Lt. Green made a conscious and educated decision to pass over the reach, throw and row phases of water rescue. Lt. Kingsley and Lt. Green took off radios and ran to a small cliff jumping into water fully dressed. Lt. Kingsley made contact with victim grabbing him keeping him from submerging again. Lt. Green assisted bringing victim toward shore. Within about 8-10 feet of shore victim began to panic and pulled Lt. Kingsley under water. Lt. Green spun the victim to control him and finished bringing him to shore.

If not for the decisive, courageous, rapid and simultaneous actions of Lieutenants Kingsley and Green, we believe the outcome would have been much different possibly a fatality.

Congratulations to Lt. Kingsley and Lt. Green for their heroic actions!