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Sewer Credit Program

If you water your lawn, have a swimming pool or use outside water, you may be interested in Bettendorf’s Sewer Credit Program. This program was designed to give you credit for sewer charges for outdoor water usage.
To achieve this, you must have a special meter installed at your expense, in your home.
The City will read the meter once during the first quarter of each year. After the read is taken, you will receive a credit on your city utility bill based upon this reading (less a $20 annual fee). You will continue to be billed quarterly for usage. Special readings ($35 fee) can be requested before you move out of a property.

Steps to take to sign up for the program:

1. Contact a licensed plumber
2. Plumber submits a City of Bettendorf permit
3. Plumber installs system
4. Homeowner completes application and submits application with initial annual fee of $20.00 to the Building Inspections Department located at 4403 Devil’s Glen Rd.
5. City Inspector does a final inspection of installation, takes initial reading and makes final approval.

After approval:

• Use your system as normal.
• Meter reading will take place between January 1st and March 31st each year.
• Credit will be reflected on bills issued in April and May of each year.
• Report stuck or malfunctioning meters to your plumbing contractor
• Contact the City if you are moving to request a special move out reading and refund at 563-344-4074

Click here for the Sewer Use Refund Application

Moving into a home with a meter?
Complete an application and submit with the initial annual fee of $20.00.

Click here for the Existing Meter Sewer Refund Application to join the program with an existing meter.