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School Crossing Guard Information-Mark Twain/Jefferson Consolidation 2019

Crossing Guards

Mark Twain/Jefferson Consolidation


No crossing guards will be provided in this area.  Children will be transported via private vehicle or school bus.  


Crossing guards will be provided near the Mark Twain site to assist elementary age children on their way to bus routes and stops.  Placement of these crossing guards limits the number of stops school buses will have to make on arterial streets.  It will also ensure children are able to safely cross near the entrance to the Mark Twain on Lincoln Road that will be experiencing increased truck traffic due to construction. 

Crossing Guards will be provided at the following locations near Mark Twain. 

  1. 18th Street and Lincoln Road
  2. Mark Twain Entrance on Lincoln Road

Crossing guards will be on post for approximately 20 minutes before and after scheduled school bus stops in the area of 18th Street and Lincoln Road. 

Due to placement of school bus stops, the crossing guard position at the intersection of 18th Street and Parkway Drive will not be staffed for the first part of the school year.  The placement of additional school bus stops eliminates the need for any crossings at this location.  A decision to staff this intersection in the future will be evaluated as the opening of the new Mark Twain approaches. 


Crossing guards will be available near the existing Thomas Jefferson site/Mark Twain south to assist children going to that attendance center.  Crossing guards will be posted at the following locations before and after school.

6th Street and Holmes Street – Posted at crosswalk at same location as prior years.

Holmes Street and alley – Posted at the entrance to the alley directly to the west of the school.  This position has been added to safely cross children across the alley due to the anticipated increases in vehicle traffic, the age of children that will be attending this center and due to the lack of safety patrol.

8th Street and Holmes Street – New spot created due to the lack of safety patrol. The need for this post will be reevaluated after the school year starts based on the number of crossings and children being crossed by parents/guardians. 

The Bettendorf Police Department and school district have worked together to ensure school bus stops are placed in a manner that eliminates the need for children to cross 6th Street or Holmes Street.  Due to the location of these stops crossing guards will not be available at bussing times. 

Any questions from the public can be directed to:

Captain Al Poirier

Bettendorf Police Department

Desk Phone: 563-344-4042