City of Bettendorf, Iowa

A premier city.

Vision Statement

The Vision Statement for the City of Bettendorf outlines what Bettendorf wants in the future. Our preferred future is defined in value-based principles that can guide policies, decisions and operations.

Our Vision is

The City of Bettendorf is a premier city in which to live.

The City of Bettendorf is a most livable community with rich educational, cultural and recreational opportunities where we enjoy a vibrant riverfront and a growing, competitive business environment.

We take pride in our great community.

Key vision components and their meanings:

Premier City

    • Pacesetting
    • Progressive community
    • Excellence in city services
    • Efficient city operations
    • Uses best management practices
    • Environmentally friendly and sensitive

Most Livable Community

    • People feel safe and secure
    • All generations feel welcome.
    • People have convenient access to services, shopping and leisure amenities.
    • People enjoy great parks, connected bike and hike trails, and green areas.
    • Residents and businesses have access to state-of-the-art technology infrastructure.
    • All generations from young singles to families to seniors find housing opportunities
    • People have access to a variety of modes of transportation within and to/from Bettendorf

Rich Educational, Cultural and Recreational Opportunities

    • Every family member has a choice of leisure time activity
    • Citizens have the use of a top quality library that offers a variety of programs and services
    • Residents and visitors have opportunities for life-long learning from the programs and services
    • Everyone finds convenient opportunities through the programs and services offered at recreational facilities
    • Students attend schools that are among the best in Iowa and the nation

      Vibrant Riverfront

    • The Mississippi River provides a beautiful gateway to Bettendorf
    • The riverfront has a modern dynamic feeling and character 
    • Residents have access to the river for active and passive leisure
    • Tourists are drawn to the Riverfront to enjoy anything from walking to gambling
    • Healthy businesses exist along the river
    • People enjoy unmatched views of the river
    • Residential housing are located along the river

      Growing, Competitive Business Environment

    • High technology businesses locate here and build their companies here
    • The I-80/Middle Road area is a successful high technology business park
    • Multiple business and commercial centers exist within Bettendorf at downtown, Duck Creek, I-80 and along major corridors
    • Medical businesses provide the best local healthcare and services available within Bettendorf
    • Quality retail businesses provide convenient shopping opportunities
    • City government is friendly to small business by being responsive and supportive

      Pride in Our Great Community

    • Citizens trust city government and community leaders
    • Residents, businesses, schools and the city work together as partners by sharing resources for the benefit of the community
    • Residents and businesses give to the community by contributing time and resources
    • Community and neighborhood events pull residents together building a strong sense of community
    • Citizens are well informed and are involved in shaping Bettendorf's future
    • People are friendly, welcome new ideas and respect others
    • Citizens are proud to say, "We are from Bettendorf, Iowa"