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Bettendorf Park Ambassador Program




DATE:  March 16, 2012


SUBJECT:  Bettendorf Park Ambassador Program


CONTACT:  Ron Maday, Bettendorf Park Ambassador Coordinator, 563-344-7170 or



BETTENDORF: Bettendorf Parks & Recreation Department is looking for volunteers to serve as Park Ambassadors to patrol city parks this summer.  The Parks Ambassador Program is a concept implemented by few other communities in the nation.  What it involves, is a group of citizen volunteers who have pledged their time to help improve the quality and safety of the parks system in their community.


The Bettendorf Park Ambassadors help the city of Bettendorf, by patrolling Bettendorf's 22 parks.  Ambassadors watch for vandalism, provide information and directions for park users, provide access to first aid if needed and act as "Good Will Ambassadors" for the city.  The Ambassadors patrol the parks in a vehicle provided by the City and also by walking through the parks. Although the Ambassadors work closely with and provide an extra set of eyes and ears for the Bettendorf Police Department, they are not an enforcement agency but are there to remind people of the park rules. They have access to a police frequency radio and 911 Emergency so that if a serious situation is encountered they have instant access to emergency help.


The city provides each volunteer with a shirt and hat for easy identification by the general public.  Patrol shifts run every evening 6:00 p.m. to 11 p.m., from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.  Each Ambassador generally works one night a week and are placed in teams of 2, whenever possible.  If requested, husband and wife teams can be set up.


The most important "job" of the Park Ambassador is to be visible and accessible to park patrons.  They need to be cordial and polite and let visitors know they are there to help and not just enforce rules.


Anyone interested in applying to serve as a Park Ambassador volunteer, may pick up an application at Bettendorf City Hall, 1609 State Street, Bettendorf, IA or at the Herbert D. Goettsch Community Center, 2204 Grant Street or they may call 563/344-7170.