City of Bettendorf, Iowa

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Bettendorf Conducts Citizen Survey

August 9, 2012


To support the mission and vision statement and to provide quality services to its citizens, the City of Bettendorf conducted a citizen survey, utilizing the services of The National Citizen Survey and the International City/County Management Association.  The survey and its administration are standardized to assure high quality survey methods and comparable results across The National Citizen Survey jurisdictions. Participating households were selected at random and the household member who responded was selected without bias.


Following the mailing of a pre-survey notification postcard to a random sample of 1,200 households, surveys were mailed to the same residence approximately one week later. A reminder letter and a new survey were sent to the same households after two weeks. A total of 426 completed surveys were obtained, providing an overall response rate of 37%, with a 5% margin of error.  Typically, response rates obtained on citizen surveys range from 25% to 40%.


The survey provides the opinions of a representative sample of residents about quality of life, services, civic participation, and unique issues of local interest.  Many ratings of the City of Bettendorf increased when compared to previous year's data.  Rating increases were found for employment opportunities, opportunities to attend cultural activities, and the overall direction Bettendorf is taking.


Also included was a report of normative comparisons that takes Bettendorf's results and compares them to all of the jurisdictions in the database (approximately 500 from all over the country).  Overall quality of life in Bettendorf ranked 21 out of 417 comparisons, ranked "much above" the benchmark.


Mayor Bob Gallagher explains, "The survey provides an opportunity to connect with our community and gain a better understanding of residents' perspective on city services and overall quality of life.  The results from the survey provides important benchmarks to be used by the City Council and staff while working on the City's budget and strategic planning.  It is an invaluable communication tool to test support for local policies and speaks to community trust and involvement."


At the August 6 Committee of the Whole meeting, Tom Miller, President of the National Research Center, Inc. gave a presentation on the survey results.  The Committee of the Whole meeting can be viewed on the City's webpage.

The City has also conducted the survey in 2006, 2008 and 2010.   The complete survey results, along with past results, are located on the City's webpage,, click on National Citizen Survey link located on the main page.