City of Bettendorf, Iowa

A premier city.

Core Beliefs

Core Beliefs


Core beliefs are value based principles which define specific performance standards and guide behavior and actions.  Core beliefs tell how the city conducts business.


Our core beliefs are.... 





Our belief in teamwork means we....
                                        Encourage cooperation.

    Communicate effectively.

    Practice open-mindedness.

    Support city decisions.

   Acknowledge the contributions of all.


Our belief in professionalism means we....
                 Treat others with honesty and respect.

      Inspire creativity and innovation in ourselves and others.

      Take a thoughtful approach to planning and problem-solving.

      Engage in continual skill development and personal development.

      Encourage leadership development.


Our belief in responsibility means we....
                    Always consider organizational and community impact.

      Always seek opportunities for improvement.

      Accept accountability for results.

      Take responsibility/seek solutions/solve the problem.

      Know City vision, mission, core beliefs, services and their connection to our job duties.


Our belief in pride means we....

      Recognize and celebrate each others efforts, contributions and quality results.

      Maintain a positive attitude.

      Exhibit a positive approach to citizens, customers, and co-workers.

      Promote the city to the community.

      Strive to be known and recognized for our quality services.