City of Bettendorf, Iowa

A premier city.

Police and Fire Awards

Officer Bruce Schwarz (Ret.), Lt. Rich Streepy, and Sgt. Jeff Nelson each received the Exemplary Service Award for their efforts in researching, doing presentations, and making the case for the necessity of an Armored Rescue Vehicle for the Bettendorf Police Department’s Emergency Response Unit. Due to these efforts they were able to secure the acquisition of the A.R.V.. Since October 2014 the A.R.V. has been deployed over 40 times in Bettendorf and other jurisdictions in the QC area, possibly saving countless lives and bringing these situations to a peaceful resolution. Sgt. Jeff Nelson has been assigned as the primary operator and trainer for the A.R.V. since its acquisition.

Lt. Thom Scheetz also received the Exemplary Service Award along with Lt. Rich Streepy, and Officer Bruce Schwarz (Ret.) for their efforts in creating and implementing the Tactical Emergency Medical Services Unit that has been in existence for over three years assigned to the Bettendorf Police Department’s Emergency Response Unit. From conducting research for life-saving care and equipment, establishing all policies and procedures governing the T.E.M.S. Unit, to gaining permission for paramedics assigned to carry life-saving narcotics, and being the primary instructor for first aid and T.E.M.S. care, Lt. Thom Scheetz has put into place the ability to provide life-saving medical treatment much faster than ever before for ERU members and citizens if ever needed.

Officer Jeremy Salsberry received the Life-Saving Award for his efforts on July 24, 2018 in which he administered CPR to a female that did not have a pulse and was not breathing. With his quick actions to immediately begin chest compressions along with the arrival of fire and medic personnel they were able to get the female to breathe on her own again. As a result the female has fully recovered and without Officer Salsberry’s actions her chance for survival would have been greatly diminished.