City of Bettendorf, Iowa

A premier city.

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Where can I find a 4th of July Entry form?
You can download an entry form by going to the 4th of July main page on the city's webpage. You can pick up a hardcopy of the form at City Hall, 1609 State Street.
Where will the 4th of July Festival be held?
The 4th of July Festival will be held on Spruce Hills Drive in front of Cumberland Square.
Can you throw candy during the parade?
Candy will no longer be allowed to be thrown from any entry participating in local parades held in Bettendorf, Iowa. This includes the 2010 JULY 4th Parade & 2010 Halloween parade. All candy must be passed out person to person. Dropping of candy in front of persons along the parade route is permitted, as long as the viewer is sitting / standing on the curb, or in the grassy area along the parade route. Violators will be given one warning. After the first warning the entry will be removed from the parade and directed off the parade route at a safe location. A record of entries will be kept. If an entry is found to violate this directive in any future parade they will be banned from participating in any future parades in Bettendorf Iowa.
Results 1-3 of 3