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Where is the Community Center located?
The center is located a block and a half west of McDonalds on Grant Street. And four blocks east of K&K Hardware. It looks like a school building. The address is 2204 Grant Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722
How many rooms do you rent?
We have 4 meeting rooms ranging from 100 seats to 15 seats plus 1 gymnasium that includes 6 basketball hoops and 2 volleyball nets. We can also rent 1/2 the gymnasium by pulling a yellow curtain across the center leaving 3 basketball hoops and 1 volleyball net on each side of the curtain.
What is the location of your rooms?
The first level contains the gymnasium, Canteen Room, and Board Room. The second level (there is no elevator, but an accessible chair lift is provided) contains the Banquet Room and the Crimson Room.
What kind of tables do you have?
The gymnasium does not allow food, so there are no tables available for that room. The Banquet Room seats 100 with (12) 8' tables. The Canteen Room seats 70 with (10) 8' tables and (15) heavy metal card tables. The Crimson Room seats 30 people with (5) 8' tables. The Board Room seats 20 people with (3) 8' tables. There are no round tables in the Community Center.
Will you set up our tables and chairs?
If time allows, every effort will be made to set up table and chairs for your event. You will be asked at the time you make your reservation about set up.
What amenities are provided in the rooms?
The Banquet Room and the Canteen Room offer tv/vcr, kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, sink, running water, electrical outlets for crockpots, and countertop space. The Banquet Room also offers full size ovens in its kitchen and a pull-down screen for presentations. The gym has 6 basketball hoops, 2 volleyball nets, and a small amount of basketballs, volleyballs, and dodgeballs. The community center does provide a speaker microphone and a projector, but does not provide lap tops. Ask about rental fees for screens, projectors, sports equipment and coffee urns when you make your reservation.
Are there any linens or dishes?
No, the rooms are not equipped with table linens, tableware, silverware, utensils, or tupperware of any kind. Additionally, any food items left in the refrigerator will be tossed out the next day.
Do you allow caterers?
Yes, however we must have the name of the company. You can also bring in your own food items.
Do you allow moon walks (jumping air bags/balloons etc.)?
Yes in our gymnasium or outside by our gazebo.
What other amenities are in the Community Center?
There are restrooms and water fountains on both levels. There is a coat rack outside of the Crimson Room, and a coat rack inside both the Banquet and the Canteen Rooms. Sunny Crest Park is located directly behind the building. There is a gazebo and beautiful flower garden on the east side of the building. And there is plenty of parking both on Grant Street, 22nd Street, and behind the building.
What is your cleanup policy?
We ask all renters to leave the room in the same condition (or better!) as they found it. You must take out your garbage to the dumpsters in the parking lot, wipe down all tables, countertops, ovens, and other kitchen amenities, sweep the floors, take down all decorations, and dispose of any unused food. We also ask that you leave your tables and chairs up for the next renter to use. Our staff is on hand to provide you with a broom, mop, and extra garbage bags. We do not provide wash cloths, dish soap, or dish towels.
What are the available hours to rent?
The rooms may be rented between 8:00am and 10:30pm Monday through Sunday. All renters must be completely ready to leave by 10:30pm. We do have many routine renters and recreational leagues and/or sponsored activities that also utilize the center. Call 344-4117 to check on availability dates and times as well as prices.
Do I need to provide insurance?
Only if you are renting the gymnasium. The gymnasium requires a General Liability Insurance Policy with a minimum of $300,000 per occurence. In most cases, a home owner's insurance binder with the City of Bettendorf listed as the Additional Insured will be sufficient for the General Liability Policy. And your insurance agent can fax the binder to (563) 344-4131.
Can I provide alcohol?
Alcohol is NOT allowed at the Community Center
Will I get a key to the building?
No, we have a building supervisor on staff to open and close the building one half hour before and after your rental time. They are also available to you during your rental should you have any questions or require a broom, mop, paper towels, first aid, etc. They remain in the community center office on the first level.
Can we rent the gym and a room?
Yes, if the gym and the room are rented at the same time, the total per hour fee is reduced by $10. If they are rented back-to-back, then the total per hour fee stays the same. Insurance is still required if renting the gym. Food and drink are NOT allowed in the gym.
Is there a deposit required?
Only if you are having a disc jockey, or your event is for children under 18 years of age. The damage deposit is $100 and is refundable as long as no damage occurs to the building.
When do I have to pay for the room rental?
You can make your reservation by phone, and then your entire rental fee, deposit, and insurance must be received 10 days prior to the rental date. You must visit City Hall at 1609 State Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722 to pay for your rental and to sign your rental contract. Call 344-4117 for more information.
Results 1-18 of 18