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The commission urges you to mediate the complaint. A trained mediator will meet with the parties to find a solution acceptable to you and the other party.

Why mediate?
  1. Instead if the Commission and/or a judge deciding this
    matter, you have the opportunity to agree to a solution.

  2. Mediation is fast, usually taking no more than two hours.

  3. If you do not mediate or you mediate and the matter is not
    settled, the complaint will be investigated. However, it could
    take five years from the filing of a complaint until there is a
    final decision. That is a long time to invest emotionally and
    in other ways in this matter.

  4. Mediation is free; there is no cost to you.

  5. Mediation is confidential.

The Commission believes you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by mediating.

Contact Information

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